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everstox joins fundraising event: Running for a greener city

7 Teams, 1 Mission: Run as much as possible, for a greener city. Explore our fundraising challenge!

Green city Der Verein

About the fundraising running challenge

With more than 120 runners onboard, we’ve participated in the Fundraising Running Challenge: Run for a Greener City 2021. Every day, every kilometer counts – during one month, our teams including everstox have run 10,100km collecting a total amount of 8,077€ donated to Green City E.V.

With our support, Green City is turning Munich into a more sustainable and eco-friendly place. A big Thank You! to all participating teams and runners. Here are the specs of the event:

About the Fundraiser

Start Date
May 1st, 2021
End Date
May 31st, 2021
Munich, Germany
Organized by
Total Donations
Donated to
Green City E.V.

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