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FAQs Overview

Here is an overview of frequently asked questions about our LaaS solution, our 3PL network, and other logistics terms we use to describe our warehousing and fulfillment services. If there are any open points, we are always happy to get back to you with your questions and inquiries. Just contact our team at Get Started.

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About our LaaS

Who is everstox and what is behind the LaaS solution?

everstox, a successful technology company based in Munich, is the developer and operator of its Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform. The everstox platform provides flexible warehousing, data-driven fulfillment and professional logistics services to commerce businesses selling products to eCommerce, B2B and retail customers.

We connect, optimize and scale fast-growing commerce businesses with flexible warehousing and fulfillment providers from our European 3PL network. The everstox platform is fully API-driven and enables scalable and data-driven fulfillment for all logistics processes. Our cloud platform easily integrates with various sales channels and systems (such as Shopify, Magento, Shopware), online marketplaces (such as Amazon, Otto, cDiscount) and ERP systems (such as SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics) to achieve full real-time operational visibility across all incoming orders, fulfillment services and warehouses used.

Find out how our Logistics as a Service Platform works.

What are the advantages of working with everstox?

everstox connects, optimizes and scales distribution logistics for commerce businesses and logistics service providers with one technology and one interconnected European 3PL network: our Logistics-as-a-Service platform.

What This Means for Commerce Businesses

You can quickly find professional logistics providers in required target markets who are perfectly aligned with your product and fulfillment case, helping your business shape the customer experience, reduce logistics costs, and save time and manual labor in day-to-day operations.

Learn how commerce businesses benefit from our LaaS platform.

What This Means for 3PLs

With access to our network of fast-growing commerce businesses, 3PL providers generate additional business without customer acquisition costs and increase their capacity utilization with international brands seeking local fulfillment services.

Learn how 3PLs benefit from our LaaS platform.

What differentiates everstox from other fulfillment solutions?

everstox is a SaaS and technology-first company. Our Logistics as a Service solution offers a level of digitalization in connectivity, automation and transparency that is unmatched by traditional fulfillment providers.

Our everstox technology

Our cloud software and core system enable commerce businesses to fully monitor, manage and schedule all distribution logistics, warehouse and fulfillment activities in real time: from adding products and SKUs, to order management, inventory movements and returns handling.

Check out our cloud software and technology to learn more about our digital logistics tools.

Our 3PL Network

In addition to our cloud software, commerce businesses using our LaaS platform can access an already linked network of data-driven warehouse and fulfillment providers, scaling product distribution across Europe. This means commerce businesses only need to connect to our LaaS platform once to access local tier-1 fulfillment centers with just a few clicks and benefit from fast time-to-market distribution.

Check out our fulfillment center network to find your ideal local distribution logistics.

Who are your typical customers?

We work with fast growing commerce companies selling products to B2B, eCommerce and retail customers. Our platform users are typically looking for a technology-driven distribution logistics setup for their European sales with a multi-warehouse management scenario and a cost-efficient operational solution.

These companies send fulfillment requests with a minimum order volume starting at 2000 orders per month and place a high value on a special end customer experience and high service levels. Because our LaaS platform is fully scalable, there are no limits to order volume, warehouse space, or fulfillment services required.

In addition, we partner with logistics providers that specialize in a variety of industry segments, including consumer goods, beauty & cosmetics, food, beverage, furniture, electronics and more. This allows our everstox team to always find the perfect partner for commerce businesses within our 3PL network.

Here are a few typical brands using our LaaS solution:

What’s an API-driven Platform?

API stands for Application-Programming-Interface-Protocol. An API is a computer interface that connects two applications, systems or softwares via code and frameworks to enable automated interaction between them. The everstox API and our connectors are able to connect data from various sources such as online stores, ERP systems and marketplaces to the warehouse management systems (WMS) of multiple logistics providers across Europe.

Our open API enables real-time automation and visibility of fulfillment and logistics operations. That is, a single integration with everstox gives commerce businesses full access and control over all connected fulfillment and logistics service partners, eliminating complex IT integration efforts with individual providers.

To achieve this, everstox offers a variety of pre-integrations to popular systems as well as an open REST API to connect your own systems.

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How scalable is your LaaS solution?

Our Logistics as a Service platform supports an unlimited number of distribution channels, monthly order volumes and fulfillment services.

In terms of industry, no specific business model is required; this means that target markets (B2B, D2C, B2C) can be of any type. This is because our everstox network consists of a large number of specialized providers for each product category and distribution scenario.

For example, some of the affiliated logistics providers from our 3PL network are experts in fashion logistics, while others specialize in fresh food logistics along the value chain. In terms of geography, everstox has a network of independent logistics providers throughout Europe and is thus able to support all commerce companies that sell products throughout Europe and ship orders internationally.

How can I access the everstox network?

For Commerce Businesses – in four steps:

  1. Contact us online at Get Started and describe your retail, B2B and eCommerce logistics needs.
  2. Arrange a meeting to get to know our everstox team and network of selected 3PL providers.
  3. Get matching 3PL quotes and select your qualified logistics provider. Next, connect your system to test our everstox dashboard and the data-driven fulfillment services of your selected 3PLs.
  4. Go Live, access real-time operations, and start shipping.

Simply: Get Started.

For 3PLs – in five steps:

  1. Contact our team at Get Started by filling out the contact form on our website. A thorough due diligence process follows with a qualification process related to various criteria, including: Service Levels, Operational Focus, Onsite Visits, Geographic Location, IT Standards, and more.
  2. If our due diligence passes, sign up to the everstox network.
  3. Connect to our open API and tech platform. This step can be done either by the 3PL itself or by our IT team.
  4. Next, receive pre-qualified customer requests that match your operational focus.
  5. Go Live and start operations with new customers.

Simply: Get Started.

How long does the onboarding take?

For Commerce Businesses

Onboarding includes a first video call, filling out our fulfillment request form, a product demo and the 3PL match-making to find suitable and qualified logistics service providers. After a successful system connection and test phase, product distribution starts. The system integration takes place in the backend and only takes a couple of business days.

For Logistics Service Providers

The onboarding process includes an initial meet and greet, a due diligence process including qualification phase, physical site visits and system integration with environment testing before we go live and start operations with new customers.

Duration IT Integration

Our IT team integrates the sales channels or WM-system with our platform in the backend to ensure an efficient and fast onboarding process. The IT process is designed to our high level of standardization and tech excellence for minimal effort for platform users and takes only a few working days.

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About our Fulfillment Network

Where are your logistics service providers located?

Our independent logistics partners are located in over 7 European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, France, Spain and the UK.

However, we are continuously expanding our 3PL network to more countries within Europe.

Click here for more information about our fulfillment center network.

Can I request using my own branded packaging from the logistics partners of the everstox 3PL network?

Absolutely! Commerce businesses using our LaaS platform can request a fully customized fulfillment service: From personalized packaging with full branding to the selection of special packaging materials and marketing inserts.

Learn more about our 3PLs’ full range of customized distribution logistics services.

Can products be cooled along the supply chain?

Yes! Typical use cases for our 3PLs are specialized fulfillment services for cosmetics and food products that require an intact cooling chain along all distribution logistics activities.

To meet specific hygiene or product safety requirements, we partner with logistics providers that have the operational focus and resources to maintain a controlled temperature at each stage of the supply chain, ensuring a closed-loop cold chain along storage, fulfillment and delivery. Selected partners are able to chill products to a temperature of <0°C / 1-4°C / 14-21°C.

Learn more about the full range of customized distribution logistics services offered by our 3PLs.

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Commonly Used Logistics Terms

What’s B2B logistics?

B2B logistics describes the process of logistics operations between two companies doing business with each other – often related to the shipment of goods or materials from a supplier or manufacturer to a business customer.

Logistics between two companies is often characterized by higher volumes of goods and pallet shipments compared to business-to-consumer (B2C) logistics. The need for speed in the delivery of goods is also often higher, as sales and production capacities rely heavily on a fast supply chain, especially in just-in-time production scenarios.

Click here for our Guide to B2B logistics and fulfillment to learn more about the topic.

What’s eCommerce logistics?

eCommerce logistics comprises the logistical processes that take place once orders have been placed by end consumers in an online store.

Clearly, once the order has been placed in the respective online store, sold products must be sent to the delivery address specified by the customer. The operational process behind this is organized either by the eCommerce store’s internal operations team or by an external logistics service provider along the supply chain. This process usually consists of several stages, such as inventory management, picking, packing and shipping.

Throughout the process, the different stages need to be tracked to ensure full data transparency for the logistics service provider and the commerce business. Full data visibility also enables operational teams to reduce Customer Service Response times. Working with a single source of truth enables more efficient processes, as it is clear which stage of the fulfillment process the product is in.

Learn more about the benefits of transparent and data-driven fulfillment, just take a look at our solution for commerce businesses.

What’s Retail logistics?

Retail logistics, or logistics for retail trade, describes the logistical processes for organizing and carrying out the transport of products and goods from a supplier to a retailer’s location (store or warehouse).

Retail stores offer a wide variety of products, each with different requirements along the value chain. Therefore, product flow must be transparent and well planned to avoid unnecessary complexity or returns. Especially in the food industry, a large number of food products with different hygiene requirements have to be managed along the supply chain.

Fresh and non-fresh food retailers must always ensure full traceability of order batches and best before dates (BBD). Therefore, inventory and demand planning is an essential part of retail logistics.

Read more about the Must Do’s and Don’ts of Food Fulfillment and Logistics.

What are Third-Party Logistics Providers (3PLs)?

Third-party logistics (3PL) providers offer commerce businesses the opportunity to outsource their logistics processes in the areas of warehousing, fulfillment and shipping either partially or completely.

This allows commerce companies to focus on their core business (sales, marketing, product development) and at the same time have a professional logistics service provider that handles all processes for the physical distribution of their products.

Here is our Guide on how to find the best 3PL providers in Europe.

What’s flexible warehousing?

Flexible warehousing is the decentralisation of distribution logistics using local fulfillment centers at flexible terms, contracts and volumes.

The decentralization of your supply chain supports your business with reducing last mile deliveries for cross-border shipments of single parcels. By storing, fulfilling and delivering products closer to target markets, businesses benefit from more cost-efficient fulfillment and logistics operations, a better end-customer experience due to shorter delivery times and a more resistant distribution network due to a diversified logistics set-up.

Using flexible warehousing helps your business to be as flexible and dynamical as target markets nowadays behave.

Here’s a full Guide to learn more about flexible warehousing.

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