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Here’s an overview of frequently asked questions that we’re collected from customer calls, partner discussions, and media inquiries. This will help you quickly find what you’re looking for. If not, always happy to come back to your questions and inquiries: simply get started and contact us.

About everstox


What’s everstox?

everstox is a technology and Logistics as a Service (LaaS) platform that offers flexible warehousing, tech-driven fulfillment, and professional logistics services to businesses selling to eCommerce, B2B and Retail customers.

We connect fast-growing commerce businesses with selected third-party logistics providers from our 3PL network across Europe. The everstox platform is fully API-driven and enables scalable and data-driven fulfillment of all logistics processes. Our platform can be easily integrated into multiple distribution channels and systems (such as Shopify, Magento, Shopware), online marketplaces (like Amazon, Otto, cDiscount) and ERP-systems (like SAP, Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics) in order to achieve full operational transparency over all incoming orders, fulfillment and warehousing processes in real-time.

What’s an API-driven platform?

API refers to Application-Programming-Interface protocol. An API is a computing interface, which connects two applications, systems, or softwares with each other via code, in order to enable interaction between them. The API of everstox is able to connect data from multiple orders sources, including online shops, ERP-systems and marketplaces with the warehouse management systems (WMS) of multiple logistics providers across Europe.

Our APIs enable automation of and transparency on fulfillment and logistics operations in real-time. I.e. a single integration with everstox gives commerce businesses full access and control over all connected fulfillment and logistics service partners, eliminating the complex IT integration efforts with individual providers.

To achieve this, everstox offers a variety of pre-integrations to common systems as well as an open REST API to connect custom systems.

What makes everstox different as compared to other fulfillment provider?

everstox is a technology-first company and provides a level of connectivity, automation and transparency unmatched by traditional fulfillment providers. Our software and digital logistics tools enable commerce businesses to fully manage all distribution logistics activities: from Order Management, Stock Movements to Return Handling.

Moreover, everstox offers full flexibility and scalability of warehousing & fulfillment services across European markets while being independent from the location, capacity, service level or pricing limitations of individual providers. everstox is fully transparent in its transactions and uses a Monthly SaaS fee with a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

The everstox platform enables a direct API-connection between the WM-Systems of logistics providers and multiple sales channels of commerce businesses (e.g. online shops, ERP-Systems, marketplaces, or apps).

By using everstox our clients are able to access data-driven warehousing and fulfillment features for all order sources through one tech platform. Our platform digitizes all logistics, warehousing and fulfilment processes and enables data-exchange in real-time. With our platform in place, our clients can receive daily, weekly and monthly logistics KPIs, benchmark internal processes and track service level reports – among other logistics features.

 Who are your typical users?

The typical commerce businesses that use our platform are fast-growing B2B, eCommerce, or Retail sales businesses, which are looking to set-up, improve or expand logistics operations across Europe. These businesses send fulfilment requests with minimum order volumes starting from 2000 orders per month and look for a strong focus on great end-customer experiences and high service levels.

We have business-case-matching logistics providers for our clients in any industry segment, including Consumer goods, Beauty & Cosmetics, Food, Beverages, Furniture, Electronics and more.

Where are your LPs? Which market do you cover?

Our independent logistics partners are located in over 7 European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, France, Spain and the UK. We are expecting to expand to other countries within Europe in the near future.

How scalable is everstox?

The everstox platform supports an infinite number of sales channels, orders per channel and fulfillment processing. Regarding the industry, no specific business model is required; implying that the customer can be of any kind. This is due to the fact that the everstox network of logistics providers is very broad & diverse with specialized providers for each product category and sales channel.

E.g. some connected third-party logistics providers are experts in fashion logistics while others are specialised in maintaining food fresh along the value chain. As for the geographical location, everstox has a network of independent logistics providers across Europe and is hence able to support commerce businesses across Europe.

How do I join the everstox network?

For Commerce Businesses: Firstly, contact us online and tell us your Retail, B2B, and eCommerce logistics needs. Secondly, schedule a call to get to know our everstox team and network of selected 3PL providers. Thirdly, receive matching 3PL quotes and select your qualified logistics service provider. Next, connect your system to test our everstox Dashboard and data-driven fulfillment services of your chosen 3PLs. Finally, go live, access real-time operations and start shipping.

For Logistics Providers: Firstly, get in touch with our team  by filling out the contact form on our website – following this, a profound due diligence examination with a qualification process takes places in regards to several criteria including: service levels, operational focus, physical control, geographic location, IT-standards and many more. Secondly, if you’ve passed our due diligence, sign up to the everstox network. Thirdly, plug-in to our open API and tech-platform. This step can either be done by the 3PL itself or our IT team. Next, receive pre-qualified customer requests that match your operational focus. Finally, go live and start operations with new customers.

How long does it take to onboard?

For Commerce Businesses: the onboarding involves a first call, filling out our fulfilment request form, a product demo and the introduction to a matching and qualified logistics provider until going live. The system integration takes place in the back-end.

For Logistics Providers: the onboarding process includes a first call, due diligence screening and qualification phase, a physical visit to the premises and the system integration before going live and starting operations with new customers.

IT-Integration: Our IT team will integrate the sales channels or WM-System with our platform in the back-end, in order to ensure an efficient and fast onboarding process. The IT process is designed for minimal effort and only takes a few business days.

What are the advantages of working with everstox for commerce businesses and logistics providers?

everstox connects commerce businesses and logistics providers with a modern API-based cloud technology.

This means for Commerce Businesses:
You can quickly find professional logistics providers and set up a scalable European logistics network in order to automate and digitize all order processing, stock management and fulfillment activities. This enables your operation teams to have full control and transparency over all logistics processes. Using the everstox Dashboard, you gain direct control over orders and stock levels at all time and can access service reports on fulfillment operations from all warehousing partners with one click. Using our vast European network of 3PL also provides you with operational flexibility when it comes to expanding to cross-border markets. Resulting from this, you can improve your warehousing structure for an optimized stock management and efficient last-mile deliveries, fast and cost-efficient shipments, reduction of manual work, and also operational scalability. Working closely with our logistics experts, you benefit from streamlined processes, market knowledge, and strategic advice to receive a tailored solution for better warehousing and distribution.

This mean for 3PLs:
By having access to our network of fast-growing commerce businesses, 3PL providers are able to generate additional business with zero customer acquisition costs and increase their capacity utilization. 3PL providers have the opportunity to follow their own rules, to set their own prices, contractual terms and match with commerce businesses that fit their operational focus. 3PLs can benefit from our modern management tools by plugging into our API once. 3PL providers can leverage the network effects resulting from everstox’ network of 3PL providers.

About Logistics


What’s B2B Logistics?

B2B logistics describes the process of logistics operations between two companies doing business with each other – often in the context of shipping goods or materials from a supplier to a business customer. The logistics between two businesses are often characterized by higher volumes of goods and pallet shipments in comparison to business-to-consumer (B2C) logistics. The need for speed in the delivery of goods is also often higher as sales and production capacities strongly depend on a speedy supply chain, especially in Just-In-Time production scenarios.

What’s eCommerce Logistics?

eCommerce logistics involves the logistics operations which take place once an order in an online shop has been placed. The product needs to arrive at the customer, which is either organised by the in-house operations team of the eCommerce shop or an external logistics provider along the supply chain. This process normally consists of several stages, such as inventory management, picking, packing and shipping.

During the whole process, the different stages need to be tracked, in order to ensure full data transparency for the logistics provider and the commerce business. Full data transparency also enables commerce businesses to reduce customer service times. Operating with one single source of truth grants more efficient processes as there’s clear visibility about the fulfilment processing stage of the product.

What’s Retail Logistics?

Retail logistics describes the logistics operations involved in organising and executing the process of moving products and goods from a supplier to a Retailer’s location (store or warehouse). Retail stores offer a wide variety of products with respectively different requirements along the value chain. Hence, the flow of products has to be transparent and well-planned to avoid unnecessary complexity. Particularly, in the food industry, a wide range of food products with different hygiene requirements need to be managed along the supply chain.

Retailers in the fresh-food and non-fresh food sector must always guarantee the cycle traceability of complete order batches and best-before date (BBD). Hence, inventory and demand planning are a substantial part of Retail logistics operations.

What’s Third-Party Logistics (3PL)?

Third-party logistics (3PLs) providers offer commerce businesses the opportunity to outsource their logistics process either partially or fully. This enables commerce businesses to focus on their core business activities (sales, marketing, product development) while at the same time having a 3PL provider handling processes on the distribution logistics side of the business.

About Fulfillment


Can product packaging be customized by the logistics partners from the everstox 3PL network?

Absolutely. Our platform users can request customized packaging during the pick & pack process from their dedicated logistics provider with full branding possibilities including using selected packaging materials or inserting marketing flyers in the parcel.

Can products be cooled along the supply chain?

Typical use cases for our 3PLs include specialized fulfillment services for Cosmetics and Food products that require an intact cooling chain along all distribution logistics activities.

In order to comply with the right temperature conditions we have partnered up with logistics providers, who have the operational focus and resources to provide optimal temperature at every step of the supply chain ensuring a closed cooling cycle along warehousing, fulfilment and delivery. Selected partners are able to cool products at a temperature of 1-4°. If required, customers can also ship frozen products using our 3PL network.

About Warehousing


What’s flexible warehousing?

Changing customer behaviours and fast-evolving markets trends are very common realities for established businesses and startups. But with changing markets, the operational needs for warehousing services and logistics operations to deliver a great customer experience also change.

As a consequence, businesses often struggle to keep up with what’s happening in the market since their supply chain follows traditional logistics service standards. Modern businesses need to be able to switch to dynamic supply chains and adapt their distribution networks according to what’s happening in the market.

Flexible warehousing is the key to achieve this. With flexible warehousing, warehouse facilities and fulfillment services of a 3PL (third party logistics) provider across multiple locations can be used at flexible terms. No long contracts, no complexities.

The decentralization of your supply chain supports your business with more cost-efficient fulfillment and logistics operations, a better end-customer experience due to shorter last mile deliveries and a more resistant distribution network due to a diversified logistics set-up. Using flexible warehousing helps your business to be as flexible and dynamical as target markets nowadays behave.

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