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Distribution Logistics Software

Our Cloud Logistics Dashboard and Interfaces provide you the means to execute all distribution logistics works from warehouses and sales channels with one digital tool. Software as a Service to make your life easier and orders shipped faster.

Automated Shopify Fulfillment and other sales channels like: Shopware, WooCommerce, Oracle, SAP and Amazon | everstox
Cloud Logistics Software for Warehousing, Fulfillment and Distribution Logistics | everstox
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Distribution Logistics Made Simple:
Connect, Optimize and Scale

Our Cloud Technology & Management Software explained

Our connectors, APIs and core system merge, automate and refine all data sources for your daily operations. With our Dashboard and various interfaces your teams work with a smart tool to execute all distribution logistics works with your chosen logistics partners from our network. Say Goodbye to sending Emails, exchanging CSV-Files and manual work. Check out our software functionalities:

Cloud Software for Warehousing and eCommerce Fulfillment | Logistics as a Service | everstox
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Connect Systems: Merge Data Sources

Simply connect your data sources to our platform. Use our ready-to-use plug-ins, subscribe to webhooks or pull direct data from our Rest-API to synchronize data between systems and our 3PL network within clicks.

Our Cloud Distribution Logistics Software explained | Connect eCommerce Orders | everstox


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Connect Shop Systems

Automate data flows from online shops to directly communicate D2C orders to your chosen logistics partners. Benefit from faster fulfillment for Shopify, WooCommerce, and all other common shop systems.

Connect ERP Systems

Benefit from easy-to-manage omnichannel fulfillment no matter what complex ERP-system is used. Aggregate D2C and B2B orders in your ERP-System and automate order fulfillment with our 3PL network.

Connect Marketplaces

Automate data flows from your marketplaces. Choose between convenient Pre-FBA services or opt-in for professional FBM (fulfillment by merchant) services to save costs and a customized branding experience.

Connect Custom Systems

Easily connect your other custom systems like CRM, BI or TMS to our open API. Our platform and technology is system-agnostic and can make it work with any browser- or cloud-based application or system.

Connect to New Warehouses

Choose your ideal warehouse and fulfillment hub from our connected 3PL network. Receive real-time data to always know what’s going on in all warehouses: full transparency on stock flows, fulfillment status, or returns.

Connect Shopify Fulfillment incl. WooCommerce, Magento, Shopware | everstox
Connect ERP-System Oracle Netsuite, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Xentral, WeClapp, Bilbee and Plentymarkets | everstox
Connect Amazon Fulfillment FBA or FBM, and marketplaces Otto and Cdiscount | everstox
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Optimize Processes: Monitor, Manage and Execute

Our various interfaces and dashboard do not just look pretty. Our execution management software lets you directly optimize your daily operations within clicks.

Our Cloud Distribution Logistics Software explained | Logistics Management | everstox


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Add, Edit & Manage Orders

Review orders from all your sources in one place. Choose your preferred order routing strategy by destination address, inventory levels or warehouses. Filter order sources to optimize your cross-channel sales approach. Add manually new orders, amend order information and upload shipping labels or other instructions.

Track & Manage Fulfillment

Monitor order states and track fulfillment speed according to pre-defined cut-off times and SLA reports. You and your chosen 3PLs receive direct alerts to proactively avoid shipping delays. Filter orders that need attention or have missing / false information and directly handle order issue resolution.

Add & Manage Products

Add and edit new products and SKUs with all essential logistics data (dimensions, weight, etc.). Include additional batch information like BBDs, or mark SKUs as bundles. Add other essential materials like marketing flyers, special packaging materials or anything else that belongs to your customized branding experience.

Track & Manage Returns

Easily monitor all incoming returns in a fully automated way and take action to replace or refund customers for their returned orders. All orders being sent back to your warehouses are directly processed by our 3PLs, tracked within our system and resolved according to your
pre-defined SLAs.

Track & Manage Shipments

Add shipping service providers and choose your preferred shipping methods and carriers for each fulfillment location. Upload pre-paid shipping labels and receive all tracking codes in our dashboard once D2C parcels or B2B pallets are handed to the dedicated shipping service providers by our 3PLs.

Monitor & Plan Stock

Monitor in- and outflows of your inventory levels across all warehouses in real-time. Filter your connected warehouses to review individual performances and benchmark operations across fulfillment locations. Receive pro-active alerts on stock runways and plan demand to avoid stock-outs or overstocking.

Manage & Send Transfers

Send stock transfers and bulk shipments to your warehouses to save on shipment costs and ensure fast product delivery and availability at all times in all of your target markets. Benefit from a fully digital process to announce and manage inbound transfers and shipments to your warehouses.

Add & Manage Users

Give full control and real-time transparency to your Operations and Customer Service Teams. No more working with a “black box” that requires manual work for data transparency. Simply add and easily manage user accounts with different user roles and permissions to allocate tasks to your internal teams.

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Scale Distribution: Add & Expand Future Operations

Whenever your business picks up or you seek to optimize current operations, you can simply scale your product distribution with our Logistics as a Service platform. No further integrations needed, simply choose your preferred target markets and conquer new markets with local and KPI-proven fulfillment.

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Start with data-driven Fulfillment and our Distribution Logistics Software.

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Our Trust Center

Besides easy system integrations and quick onboardings, our tech team puts high importance towards making our cloud logistics technology and platform secure, reliable and
available at all times.

Login Security

Select your required login security measures and keep full user permission control at all times including IP restrictions and many more.

Platform Stability

Our dedicated in-house QA team, audits and several penetration testings and daily new releases ensure a stable environment.

Data Security

Data Encryption and full GDPR compliance is guaranteed: All data is secured, hosted and backed-up to several European servers.

Tech Support

Rest assured, a dedicated customer success and tech team take care of all IT maintenance and technical issues – if you have any.

Proprietary Software

Our state-of-the-art software has been developed in a fully proprietary environment and uses all modern standards.

Platform Availability

Our zero downtimes, secure data back-ups and failover testings lead to your operations running 24/7 to ensure a smooth product distribution.

FAQs about our Tech

Is there a Sandbox access available to test the environment?

Sure there is. After receiving your product demo and during operational onboarding, we’re happy to give you access to our Sandbox environment.

How secure, reliable and stable is your logistic platform?

We ensure full User Permission control, Data Encryption end-to-end, automatic fail-over and penetration testing, audits and internal QA, containerized architecture, modern frameworks and many more measures to keep our cloud logistics platform secure, reliable and stable at all times.

How long does it take to integrate systems?

Our LaaS platform is already pre-intergrated with most common shop, ERPs and marketplaces. The integration process depends on whether you use our pre-integrated plug-ins, webhooks or open API to connect your systems. In any case, you receive a fully supported onboarding by our tech team including a validation for any integrations and beta-testing to ensure a smooth and successful go-live.

What are the most popular use cases?

We have a wide range of existing customers from various industries and product types. Check out our Press Releases to read more about our partnerships that reflect our most popular tech- and fulfillment cases for example: Kolonne Null, Razor Group and many more!

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