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Turn logistics into your driving force.

Deliver products ever better and faster. Save time during ops along your growth journey. First-class logistics is no longer reserved for a few established giants. Meet our integrated Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) solution.

Explore our LaaS solution

Equal access to
first-class logistics.

The days of momentum-breaking operations are over. Tap into the new standard of logistics with the one & only LaaS solution you’ll ever need: We deliver equal access to first-class logistics for high-performing brands. 

Design your ideal form of warehousing, fulfillment and shipping and deliver across one integrated logistics network. All connected to one smart software: Digitally managed, efficiently delivered.

The what & how
eCommerce fulfillment and shipping Germany, UK, Europe and US | everstox

A solution that clicks:
The what & how.

Time to grow beyond the imaginable: Our integrated solution turns complex into simple – Saving you time to be more efficient along the way.

How it works:

step 01 - fulfillment design

Design your ideal
logistics solution.

From product vertical, operational services and cost optimization to technical integrations: Our dedicated team creates the ideal logistics solution for you, with you.

logistics-as-a-service solution Germany,  UK and Europe | Store, fulfill and ship | everstox
step 02 - logistics software

Click into efficiency with savvy software.

Become the growth driver and time saver of your company: With our technology in place, your teams benefit from real-time visibility, automation, execution and intelligence.

logistics-as-a-service solution | Cloud logistics | everstox
step 03 - logistics fulfillment network

Grow with your
building blocks.

Expand locally to reduce delivery times and costs or simply increase capacities within your core market: Stay flexible and scalable across one interconnected network with no process repetition.

fulfillment and shipping network Germany, UK, Europe and US | logistics services | everstox

Consultation along the journey.

Our tech and logistics experts support you along the way: during onboarding, in day-to-day operations and roadmap planning.

Get started

More than a solution,
a revolution.

Get started with everstox

Your business case sets the groundwork.

Our integrated warehousing, fulfillment and shipping solution is tailored to your business case and commerce needs.

Business Case
Monthly Orders
2,500 – 10,000
10,001 – 25,000
Product Verticals
  • fashion logistics-as-a-service eCommerce | everstox Apparel & Fashion
  • cosmetics fulfillment and logistics-as-a-service | everstox Beauty & Cosmetics
  • hardware fulfillment and logistics-as-a-service | everstox Consumer Electronics
  • food fulfillment and logistics-as-a-service | everstox Food & Beverages
  • bulky goods shipping | LaaS | everstox Furniture & Home
  • health logistics and shipping | everstox Health & Fitness
  • Jewelry logistics and shipping | laas | everstox Jewelry
  • Kids toys fulfillment eCommerce | everstox Toys
  • more product verticals and SKUs | everstox And more
Sales Channels
D2C, B2B & Omnichannel via Online Shops, Marketplaces & Retail
Target Locations
From Germany, Europe, UK to the US

Your logistics needs form your LaaS plan.

Receiving access starts with the right plan for your distribution setup. Once we get in touch, we provide specific rates based on your logistics needs.

Your shipping volume
Orders / Month
2,500 – 10,000
10,001 – 25,000
Digital access: Technology services
Full software features
+50 Interfaces to monitor, manage and plan all distribution logistics activities for all warehousing & shipping solutions.
Dashboard access (e.g. for Ops, CS, BI)
Unlimited users
Unlimited users
Unlimited users
Basic integrations
Shop systems like Shopify, Shopware, WooCommerce or Magento.
Advanced integrations
Advanced systems like ERPs such as Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.
Let's talk
Custom Integrations via open API
Let’s talk
Let’s talk
Operational access: Logistics services
Connect to our fulfillment and shipping services
Integrate your own logistics services
Let’s talk
Consultation & support services
Customer support
Dedicated Account Manager & Logistics Expert
Our LaaS Pricing
Base fee per month
From €499
Let’s talk
Let’s talk

Receive access today.

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Strong brands choose everstox

FAQs about our LaaS

What’s LaaS?

Europe’s strongest fulfillment centres, carriers and logistics operators combined in one powerful network, united by one technology in order for commerce businesses to digitally manage and automate daily processed with one savvy software – this is what our Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) solution is all about. With our LaaS, we define the new standard of logistics for high-perfoming brands and commerce businesses to break free from the complexities of scaling and operating.

Is the access to the everstox tech and network available only for brands and commerce businesses?

We believe in the power of synergies – that’s why our integrated network is accessible for both worlds: high-performing commerce and best-in-class logistics. Rest assured, our due diligence system checks all key dimensions to guarantee that first-class logistics is omnipresent across our everstox network.

How do I get access the everstox solution?

Simply reach out to our team at Get Started and let us know your business case. Our team gets back to you shortly with a first intro call to discuss your case and design your ideal logistics solution for you, with you.

Get started