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Reduce Logistics Costs | Cloud Software | everstox

Trending Now: How to reduce logistics costs?

Commerce businesses with an average order volume of 10,000 orders per month, can save up to 178,000.00 EUR on costs p.a. and 1.50 EUR per order. How? Access our Case Study to find out how strong tech-solutions with advanced logistics features provide you with the means.

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Our Logistics Resources overview

Logistics Insights, Press Releases & Case Studies

Stay up-to-date with all company developments of our Logistics-as-a-Service solution, our recent blog articles on logistics trends and case studies on digital logistics.

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Distribution Logistics explained

Logistics Insights: How To’s, Guides & Articles

We believe in transparency. That’s why we want to provide you with our logistics insights on various topics. For example, find out how to reduce your operational fulfillment costs or how to digitize omnichannel fulfillment. We provide you with Guides and Insights on all your B2B, Retail and eCommerce logistics needs.

[Guide] Black Friday Logistics, Christmas Fulfillment and Seasonal Events

How to handle distribution logistics during peak demand events: This Guide highlights the Do’s and Don’ts to avoid stock-outs, delivery delays and a bad customer experience.

A Deep Dive into The New Era of Tech-Driven Logistics

How has warehousing and fulfillment changed over the recent years and what’s important for eCommerce brands to skyrocket sales? Find out in our interview.

[Guide] Green Logistics: Reducing CO2 Emissions

Here’s our Guide on going green in every way possible for your product distribution. Our Green Logistics Formula shows the way to turn your distribution logistics into being more sustainable.

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Our Logistics as a Service Announcements

Press Releases: Company Updates & New Partnerships

Recent milestones, partnership announcements and other proud achievements of our team. Stay up-to-day with our new warehousing and fulfillment features of our Logistics as a Service platform and other success stories.

everstox closes €20M Series A to disrupt eCommerce Logistics with Asset-Light Tech Solution

everstox closes €20M Series A to disrupt eCommerce logistics with asset-light tech solution.

Across the Big Pond:
Transatlantic Logistics at the Push of a Button

North American commerce businesses, including the U.S. home organization and décor brand mDesign, gain a foothold in Europe with everstox. Read the full story.

Multi-Warehousing across Europe: Vivere and the nu company get started

Vivere and the nu company optimize their logistics processes with the everstox cloud technology and expand into other European countries.

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Our Digital Logistics Case Studies

Insights on: Digital Logistics, Omnichannel Fulfillment & Technology

Stay up-to-date with trending fulfillment and warehousing Know-How from our daily operations. Our Case Studies on digital logistics, system integrations and many more distribution logistics topics provide your business with valuable insights.

[Case Study] Scaling Monthly Sales to >10,000 Orders

Are you struggling to stay operationally lean when scaling your business? Together with xentral, we highlight all important To-Do’s in our How-To-Guide.

[Case Study] Selling your first 5,000 Orders Abroad

What does it take to launch your product distribution abroad? Together with Agicap, we look into a Cash Flow Analysis to determine what costs to expect.

Reduce Logistics Costs and optimize Fulfillment Operations

A Case Study on how to reduce logistics costs and what it takes to create a powerful customer experience. Read more to find out how.

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Our Logistics Events

Virtual Events to simplify Distribution Logistics

Logistics processes can be complex. Let us help you, we filter the complexities and provide you easy-to-digest contents in form of webinars, virtual workshops and many other formats. Simply check out our upcoming events and register to save your spot!

[Workshop] Scaling from 1 to 100: The Dos and Don’ts of Distribution Logistics for Food Brands

In our Workshop at the FIC Select 2021, our team showcases what needs to be done to master Food Logistics when scaling sales.

[Fundraising Event] Running for a Greener City

7 Teams, 1 Mission: We are turning Munich into a greener city.

The Europas Awards 2021

We’ve been shortlisted as the Hottest B2B / SaaS Startup – join us on July 2nd to meet all Finalists and the Winners!

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