Logistics as a Service Explained: Our Case Studies

It’s time to make the intangible tangible: Our Logistics as a Service (LaaS) solution explained by real-case scenarios and factual insights resulting from our most popular use cases.

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Improving Distribution Logistics with
the right Tools and Partners

Overview Case Studies

Are you planning to expand your product sales to new target markets? Or are you struggling with getting your operations more efficient? No worries, we’ve got your back! Together with our partners we showcase how your business can skyrocket distribution logistics.

[Case Study] Skyrocket your B2B Operations

Do you wonder how leading FMCG brands best scale their B2B operations? Together with sento, we highlight all important To-Do’s in our How-To-Guide.

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[Case Study] Scaling Monthly Sales to >10,000 Orders

Are you struggling to stay operationally lean when scaling your business? Together with xentral, we highlight all important To-Do’s in our How-To-Guide.

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[Case Study] Selling your first 5,000 Orders Abroad

What does it take to launch your product distribution abroad? Together with Agicap, we look into a Cash Flow Analysis to determine what costs to expect.

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Reduce Logistics Costs and optimize Fulfillment Operations

A Case Study on how to reduce logistics costs and what it takes to create a powerful customer experience. Read more to find out how.

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Most Popular Use Cases

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Improving distribution logistics, simply explained by our Case Studies.

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