[Case Study] Selling your first 5,000 Orders Abroad

What does it take to launch your product distribution abroad? Together with Agicap, we look into a Cash Flow Analysis to determine what set-up and operating costs to expect.

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How to Save Costs When Launching
Your Product Distribution Abroad

A Cash Flow Analysis

Your business successfully sells products in Germany. But, recently more and more customers outside of your core market are buying your products online. So, there’s a clear demand for your brand. This is the right moment to think big and plan an international roll out of
your product distribution.

Cash Flow Analysis - What does it cost?
Cash Flow Analysis: Selling your first 5,000 Orders Abroad

Clearly, you want to ensure a positive cash flow and make a profit – But, how much does it really cost your business to set up local supply chains and launch your product distribution in a new country? Together with our partner Agicap, expert in liquidity forecasting, we’re deep diving into a business case. Find out how to save 39,100€ of costs when selling 5,000 orders abroad.

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Find out what business costs to expect when going local.

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