[Case Study] Skyrocket your B2B Operations

A Case Study on how leading FMCG brands best scale their B2B operations. Together with sento, we highlight all important To-Do's in our How-To-Guide.

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Read our How-To-Guide to scale your business successfully.

How to Master B2B Logistics in 5 Steps

Our How-To-Guide

When scaling your B2B operations and processing hundreds of orders per month, it’s crucial to avoid repetitive chores and overhead. In our case study, we highlight how to ace the order-to-cash process during B2B logistics. In a nutshell, it takes five essential steps when it comes to receiving orders from a retailer to placing the products onto the shelf. Together with sento, our partner and expert on automating B2B order data and all necessary documents involved to close the invoicing process, we explore in this case study what it takes to grow your B2B operations in the DACH and European market without accumulating manual work.

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