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Digital Hub Logistics : everstox is among the three winners of the Digital Logistics Awards 2020

Published on: 2nd September,  3 min read.

Digital Hub Logistics launches Digital Logistics Award 2020

It’s the 4th time in a row that Digital Hub Logistics launches the Digital Logistics Awards! From 3:15 – 4:45pm on 15th September 2020, the 8 Finalists, including everstox, will pitch their innovative concepts, business models and companies via live stream in front of an audience of over 500 logistics experts.

It’s about time for Digital Logistics

Logistics is the backbone of our economy. During the Coronavirus lock-down, we’ve seen the importance of logistics to keep supply chains running. Logistics processes, however, are not transparent and often highly complex. There’s little digitalization, sending parcels across regions is systematically inefficient and innovation of legacy systems is missing in this sector.. Every day, parcels, often with only 1-2 products, are sent throughout Germany and Europe from central distribution locations and parcel service providers are unable to bundle volumes efficiently due to the geographical consumer spread.

At the same time customers have ever-increasing expectations towards delivery speed and low shipping costs. Meeting these high customer demands by finding qualified logistics providers is a challenge which merchants increasingly face. Mastering this challenge can become quite difficult when working together with conventional logistics providers. Data transparency regarding stock management, inventory planning and coordinating deliveries frequently need to be prepared manually and are not available in real time.

This is where we come into place: our Logistics-as-a-Service platform. We enable operational data transparency by connecting the data exchange of incoming orders from merchant sales-systems (like webshops, marketplaces and others) and the warehouse management systems (WMS) of independent third-party logistics providers. With this, merchants have full operational transparency, faster deliveries and a better customer experience when delivering products.

Besides our data-driven API-platform, everstox helps merchants use flexible warehousing and find qualified shipping-, warehousing-, and fulfillment service providers throughout our European network of independent logistics providers.  With this, merchants have access to a broad logistics and distribution network to ensure digital and scalable mobility of product distribution and bring products to the market at low transport costs. At the same time, we enable flexible warehousing by connecting logistics providers geographically closer to where the demand is, enabling a more efficient last-mile delivery.

Digital Logistics Award – Register & Vote

everstox is a successful Munich-based startup, and creator and operator of the corresponding API-driven Logistics-as-a-service (LaaS) platform. We are Germany’s first provider of an API software that enables eCommerce, wholesale and Retail businesses to fully digitize operational logistics processes. Our solution can directly be connected to multiple merchant’s sales platforms. Thus it ensures the automated transfer of all order and stock data from the merchant’s shop systems and the logistics partner’s warehouse management system via a single API interface. This allows constant overview and control of the complete inventory and delivery management and thus saves manual work, sources of error in data transfer and enables a better shopping experience through faster deliveries.

We believe that our Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform stands out in the conventional logistics industry and is able to change the future of mobility and logistics digitalization. This is why we’ve applied to the Digital Logistics Award competition. Winning the Digital Logistics Award support us in driving forward our Europe-wide expansion and in developing our technology to make order, inventory and returns management as easy as possible for merchants.

On 15th September 2020, from 3:15 – 4:45pm, we will pitch our innovative concept and business model via live stream in front of an audience of over 500 logistics experts. Help us win by registering to the event and vote for us!

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About the Authors

Maximilian Nenning | everstox

Maximilian Nenning
Marketing Manager

About everstox

everstox, a successful start-up from Munich, is the developer and operator of the Logistics-as-a-Service platform of the same name, which offers scalable and data-driven warehousing and fulfillment for e-commerce, B2B and retail via a network of independent European logistics service providers. The company is gradually building the first technology-driven and independent network of renowned warehouse logistics and fulfillment partners, and thus enabling transparent, efficient and eco-friendly logistics solutions across Europe.

With the everstox team of experts, merchants benefit from optimized processes, sound market knowledge and strategic advice. For merchants, this means a clear competitive advantage in sales. The company is led by its three founders Boris Bösch, Felix Haberland and Johannes Tress.

More information about everstox and its Logistics-as-a-Service is available at: www.everstox.com.

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