[Masterclass] Distribution Logistics: How to save time in daily operations?

In cooperation with the BVL committee we hold the masterclass on: Optimization of processes in distribution logistics.

In Cooperation with:

BVL Logistik

Distribution Logistics – The Comparison: Man vs. IT
How to save manual work?

Topic Description:
What is it about? In cooperation with BVL Regionalgruppe Südbayern we illustrate the following problem: data exchange between warehouse management and commerce systems in the daily business of distribution logistics. We compare three scenarios to illustrate manual work vs. semi-automation vs. full automation through cloud logistics. What needs to happen in the three scenarios for orders to be processed? How much time and money does it cost?

In short:
Optimization of processes and data exchange between retail companies and logistics partners.

Date & Time:
Friday (03/26-21), from 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm.

Virtual Webinar

German only

Johannes Tress (Co-founder and MD of everstox).

Registration will take place via the BVL website.

Registration BVL Webinar

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