[Fundraising Event] Running for a Greener City

7 Teams, 1 Mission: Run as much as possible, for a greener city.
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Fundraising Challenge: Green City

Green City Running Challenge Munich, Germany
Participating Teams

About the Fundraising Challenge

With more than 120 runners onboard, we are participating in the Fundraising Challenge: Running for a Greener City 2021. Every day, every kilometer counts. Our teams donate for each kilometer run a donation to Green City. With our support, Green City is turning Munich into a more sustainable and eco-friendly place. Here are the specs of the event:

Start Date:
May 1, 2021

End Date:
May 31, 2021

Munich, Germany

Organised by:

Donations going to:
Green City E.V.

We will keep you posted every week with the results! At the end there will also be a winner announced with the most delivered kilometers.

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