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Flexible Warehousing: everstox launches cloud-based Logistics-as-a-Service platform to boost eCommerce, B2B & Retail operations

Press Release: everstox has recently launched its Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) to enable eCommerce, B2B and retail businesses to optimize their warehousing & logistics operations for creating better shopping experiences.

Munich, 2nd June 2020everstox, a Munich start-up being supported by Flash Ventures and first provider of API-driven flexible warehousing solutions, has recently launched its cloud-based Logistics-as-a-Service platform. The easy-to-use API-driven platform is the first of its kind in the logistics sphere in Germany and offers access to a broad network of trusted and independent third-party logistics providers (3PLs).

The everstox platform also enables merchants with a quick set up of warehouse and fulfillment operations while all data flows between merchants’ sales platforms (e.g. online shop, ERP systems and marketplace) and logistics providers’ warehouse management systems (WMS) are fully automated in real-time. eCommerce businesses and retailers alike are therefore enabled to plan, monitor, and deliver scalable and data-driven fulfillment through one user-friendly dashboard. Given the platforms capabilities, businesses can operate across multiple warehouses with one single click.

Transparent warehousing and fulfillment in real-time via automation

everstox recognised a clear gap in the current service offering of traditional warehousing and fulfilment providers. These traditional players often work with differing legacy WMS systems, access interfaces and/or varying ways of data reporting and exchange through e-mail or CSV files – paramount blockers for enabling transparency and control over stock management and fulfilment operations. These differing sources of data and systems are often prone to human error, are executed manually and therefore costing significant labor time. everstox is empowering businesses to streamline and automate these differing data flows through one single connector: the everstox platform.

Faster shipping, less eco-impact through a shorter last-mile delivery

Whats more, the API-driven solution also brings together a vast European network of qualified logistics partners and B2B, Retail and eCommerce businesses. This multi-sided Logistics-as-a-Service platform approach aims to create synergies between both sides with the ultimate goal to improve the customer experience and delivery speed while reducing transport and environmental costs of online shopping through a shorter last-mile delivery.

Flexibility through a European network of independent logistics providers (3PLs)

Businesses are empowered through everstox with more flexibility and scalability to fully embrace their business potential. Joining the everstox collaborative network not only supports businesses to focus on their core competencies, but also enables merchants to build a warehousing set-up across markets and channels whilst being independent from individual providers and retail giants like Amazon. With the expert team at everstox, merchants benefit from streamlined processes, profound market knowledge and strategic advice to generate a competitive distribution advantage.

everstox has been founded by Boris Bösch, Johannes Tress and Felix Haberland. Talking about the new Logistics-as-a-Service offering, Boris Bösch,  Co-Managing Director of everstox, states: Flexible warehousing is the future of warehousing. We see more and more traction on our platform – a clear sign of the growing demand for more efficient warehousing and fulfilment services. With our solution, we solve the pain points that block merchants to achieve the degree of transparency, flexibility and scalability that retail, B2B, and eCommerce businesses nowadays require. With us, our clients are enabled to diversify their warehousing set up, and to deliver greater customer experiences while limiting the environmental impact of logistics.”

everstox is supported by Flash Ventures, a pre-seed fund. Flash Ventures invests in young companies and obtains shares across various internet start-ups including Tinvio (Singapur), Spenmo (Singapur) and Loadsmile (Sydney). Johann Nordhus Westarp, investor at Flash Ventures, over the everstox logistics and tech-platform: ‘We have complete trust in the Munich team and the everstox tech and logistics solution. With everstox, customers can automate their data streams, diversify warehouse configurations and thus offer a better customer experience, while at the same time limiting the environmental impact through shorter transport routes. ”

To find out more about the everstox solution, visit www.everstox.com.

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About Flash Ventures

Flash Ventures is a pre-seed fund in Berlin and London that provides young companies with the first financing so that they can realize their growth aspirations. The portfolio includes investments in Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.

More information about Flash Ventures is available at www.fl4sh.vc.

About everstox

everstox is a technology and Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform enabling scalable and data-driven fulfilment for eCommerce, B2B and Retail businesses through a European network of independent logistics providers.

We enable transparent, efficient and ecological logistics solutions by forming Europes first tech-driven network of trusted warehousing & fulfilment partners.

More information about everstox is available at www.everstox.com.

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