Brexit Logistics: everstox ensures secure
supply chains for VAAY

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Publication Date: 14. December 2020, Reading Time: 3 mins.

The brand for trendy wellbeing and cosmetic products gains access to local fulfillment partners in the UK via the everstox network.

Munich, December 14, 2020 – everstox, operator of Germany’s first API-based logistics platform of the same name, has won the CBD brand VAAY (Sanity Group) as a new customer. VAAY relies on the network of renowned logistics partners from everstox for the distribution of its products in Great Britain. In addition, VAAY also benefits from automated processes and other advantages of the digital, data-driven logistics platform from everstox for its online shop.

With lifestyle articles such as bath balls, sleeping oils, sports gels and mouth sprays based on hemp, VAAY, the CBD brand of the internationally known Berlin start-up Sanity Group, is setting new trends in the field of innovative wellbeing and cosmetic products. The brand now distributes its products in Great Britain via independent logistics service providers from the everstox network. With the decision for a local logistics setup in Great Britain, VAAY is pursuing the strategy of being able to ensure seamless supply chains even after Brexit. “The upcoming Brexit played a decisive role in our decision to use local warehousing and shipping logistics,” says Finn Hänsel, founder and managing director of the Sanity Group. “We attach great importance to fast order processing and delivery of our products – the technology and the logistics network of everstox enable us to do this. With everstox we have easy access to the right logistics companies in Great Britain. After Brexit, faster and more cost-effective parcel shipping from Germany will hardly be still possible.”

Brexit: Faster Deliveries, Lower Shipping Costs
& Greener Footprint

The decentralized warehouse and fulfillment solution from everstox is already ensuring significantly faster delivery times for VAAY: Instead of the five to six days required for international shipping, VAAY can now offer its British customers same-day delivery. In addition, the local logistics setup via the everstox network enables significant savings in new import taxes and customs duties as well as shipping costs due to the threat of Brexit: From now on, VAAY will no longer send individual parcels from Germany to British end customers. With access to local fulfillment through the everstox network, VAAY sends the goods in bulk via pallet shipment to its warehouses in the UK, saving costs. From there, all UK orders are processed locally and forwarded to national shipping service providers. Last but not least, VAAY can also reduce its ecological footprint with the everstox logistics solution. Because articles are sent in bulk for the long distance between Germany and the UK, the kilometers driven per single parcels are drastically reduced.

VAAY benefits not only from the highly qualified logistics service providers of the everstox network, but also from the automation of its logistics processes: VAAY’s online shop has been has been easily connected to the uniform API interface of the everstox platform. Now, VAAY benefits from seamless real-time data exchange of all order and stock data from the online shop and the warehouse management systems (WMS) of its independent logistics partners from the everstox network.

All information relevant for the control and traceability of order, inventory and fulfillment processes are also available to VAAY bundled in one dashboard. This enables VAAY to automate a large part of the manual and operational work steps via the platform. The brand has now optimized its cost structure through everstox and, thanks to faster product shipping, also improved customer satisfaction.

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