Multi-Warehousing across Europe: Vivere and the nu company get started

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Publication Date: 1st September 2021, Reading Time: 5 mins.

Vivere and the nu company optimize their logistics processes with the everstox cloud technology and expand into other European countries.

Munich, September 1st, 2021 – everstox, developer and operator of the Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform, is pleased to announce a steady increase in new customers including the Hamburg-based consumer goods platform Vivere and the Leipzig-based food brand the nu company. Both companies rely on the digital, data-driven everstox platform and its Europe-wide network of highly qualified logistics partners.

Both Vivere and the nu company are currently expanding into other European countries. And thanks to everstox, both companies can now seamlessly integrate different warehouses into their operations under the umbrella of one unified technology and software solution. This means that both brands can now build a flexible, scalable logistics and distribution network across Europe in just clicks away – without any additional integration effort. The two companies benefit from easy access to highly qualified and specialized logistics partners, which everstox selects and assigns precisely to the needs of the respective sales markets and products in terms of picking, storing, packaging and shipping.

Another advantage is the integration depth of the cloud solution with the connected 3PL partners: the everstox software enables platform users to automate, manage and control all distribution logistics processes in real-time. This not only siloes all real-time order and warehouse information in a clear dashboard but also enables operations managers with a reliable database for all forecasting and planning activities. Tracking and tracing of orders and service level agreements can also be achieved. It is also possible to restock inventory or set up automatic alerts to prevent delivery bottlenecks.

Both companies therefore benefit from a multi-warehousing solution that clearly displays all processes from all warehouses in one dashboard.

the nu company: Shorter Delivery Times & reduced Delivery Costs for all UK Orders

Promoting sustainable nutrition with healthy snacks is the mission of the nu company. The Leipzig-based startup develops chocolate and protein bars, and other products, all of which feature vegan, natural ingredients in organic quality with plastic-free and home-compostable packaging. Before the company was connected to the everstox platform, each order had to be manually processed to the ERP system and to the corresponding logistics partners. This resulted in many queries, transaction errors and lack of inventory transparency making reliable forecasting impossible. The LaaS platform from everstox, however, now provides the nu company with the essential data transparency – without manual effort. Furthermore, the connected everstox network of logistics partners enables the nu company to build a local supply chain for omnichannel sales in the UK.

“We were already present in the UK market, but lacked a good set-up for our omnichannel sales operations – that is, without a functioning connection of our commerce systems to a warehouse. Plus, our former logistics partners could only handle B2B orders. In comparison, working with everstox is fast and straightforward. Now we ship all orders for B2B and D2C with fully-automated local fulfillment, which saves us long delivery times and costs,” recalls Anne Bader, Export & E-Commerce Operations at the nu company.

Also, Bader can well envision further expansion with everstox: “We already sell to various European countries – but currently deliver both B2B and D2C orders from Germany. If other markets develop so well, it is possible that we will want to benefit from local fulfillment and fast delivery times over there as well and connect additional warehouses. Thanks to the clear multi-warehousing overview and logistics features of the everstox software, this would be a step we would take with our new tech partner.”

Find more information about the nu company.

Vivere: High scalability and transparent processes for EU-wide distribution network

Hamburg-based startup Vivere aims to reinvent the market for fast-moving consumer goods. Based on in-depth data analysis and the highest quality as well as sustainability standards, Vivere brings its products to market very quickly, breaking through the long product development cycle. With the API-based everstox software, the company is now able to significantly improve its daily logistics processes and reduce manual effort. In doing so, the everstox dashboard provides Vivere with an overview of its entire European distribution from all warehouses at all times.

“We are planning to expand across the EU in the coming months extensively. The ability to easily scale order volumes and navigate through tech complexities without a problem makes everstox a top choice when it comes to solving our logistics needs. We strive for customer excellence – and for that, fast shipping is a key contributing factor. A well-functioning fulfillment network is absolutely crucial to us. The technical superiority that everstox offers compared to other players in the market and the ability to automatically route orders to specific warehouses solves our technical and logistical issues in one go,” explains Roland Harste, COO at Vivere.

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