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Publication Date: 7th June 2021, Reading Time: 3 mins.

With a local supply chain, the Munich logistics experts ensure optimized deliveries for WOW Tech to the UK in the post-Brexit era

Munich, June 7th, 2021 – everstox, developer and operator of the Logistics as a Service platform, is pleased to announce a new customer from the sexual wellness industry: The Berlin-based WOW Tech Group is now handling the distribution of its high-quality and innovative products for lovemaking via the everstox cloud software and Europe-wide logistics network. The international company benefits from transparent logistics data, shorter delivery times, savings on shipping costs and a flexible, local warehouse structure – an enormous advantage, especially for deliveries to the UK in post-Brexit times.

Founded in 2017, the innovative company WOW Tech is today one of the leading providers of premium products in the field of sexual wellness. Headquartered in Berlin, the company enjoys an increasing demand with sales of over 100 million Euros in 2020 and already employs 220 people at four international locations. However, the consequences of the UK’s exit from the EU presented WOW Tech with new challenges at the beginning of the year: “The Brexit had a strong impact on our delivery times,” recalls Juri Sagert, Manager Global Operations at WOW Tech. “Deliveries to our partners and customers in the UK took almost three times as long as before.”

Complicating matters further was the fact that there are hardly any logistics service providers offering sellers an all-round carefree package in the form of DDP deliveries (delivered duty paid) to the UK. Likewise, WOW Tech’s premium products are above the exemption limit of 135 British pounds, which causes additional costs and effort when importing them. So, in addition to excessively long delivery times, WOW Tech also had to contend with increased customs clearance efforts. “Customs documents could not be transferred automatically, and at the beginning we had an increased effort with incomplete and wrongly issued customs documents,” Sagert continues.

Local Supply Chains in the UK in less than two Weeks

everstox was able to master all these challenges without any problems. Today, WOW Tech benefits above all from easy access to highly qualified, specialized logistics partners from the Europe-wide everstox network, who are a perfect fit for WOW Tech’s needs in terms of product and industry focus, sales market and shipping. Another advantage is the automation of logistics processes and the resulting data transparency. All order and warehouse information is available to the company in real time in the clear dashboard of the everstox platform. Tracking and tracing of orders and service level agreements is just as possible as replenishing stocks or setting up automatic alerts to prevent delivery bottlenecks at the push of a button.

Brexit was the main reason for WOW Tech to open a local fulfillment center in the UK. The everstox model pays off with already a few hundred shipments per month. This is because it is cheaper, easier and faster to ship goods decentralized from a warehouse in the UK than from Germany. “everstox offered us the fastest and simplest solution that allowed us to open a local warehouse in the UK,” says Sagert happily. “We were particularly impressed by the speed from signing the contract to commissioning the warehouse: after the kick-off meeting, we were able to ship products from the new fulfillment center within just two weeks.”

For WOW Tech’s day-to-day operations, this means that orders from the UK can now also be processed quickly and easily, and there is always complete data transparency in real time in the respective warehouse. This means that all orders can be processed on time and arrive punctually at the British partners and customers. In addition, the flexible, local warehouse structure also ensures that deliveries are shortened over the last mile, thus improving the ecological transport balance of individual and pallet parcel shipments.

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