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Published on: 22th September 2021, Reading Time: 5 mins.

“Nobody is perfect but I just love working with people who are aiming to continuously improve because that’s what we want to do as a business.”

Finding balance between continuous tech innovation and personal growth is one of the crucial topics for a growing startup. It is the growth mindset that allows our engineers to welcome difficult challenges with open arms and to develop a product that is truly customer-centric. While we are transforming the system landscape for the future of logistics, it’s always the top priority for our tech teams to make sure the software development is scaling at the appropriate pace and growing in a sustainable way.

Meet Felix Haberland – our CTO & CPO, and one of the three Co-Founders at everstox. He is responsible for all topics related to tech and product development. He began his journey of coding at the age of eleven. And from that moment, he has never stopped coding and has fully committed to the world driven by automation. From his experience of scaling up various tech-startups in his previous career, to his views on what’s important for being a developer at everstox, today, Felix gives us a reflection about how our cloud software has evolved since the beginning.

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Our TechTalk with Felix

Can you give us an overview of the everstox tech stack?

Now, we understand why we preferably choose Python as a programming language, Flask as a framework and many more tools to develop our software. However, we would like to know more. In the next part of the interview, we ask Felix about essential technical decisions regarding our software setup.

At everstox, we use react.js frontend technology while having flask as the backend. Why did you choose these technologies & combinations?

Well, if you ask ten CTOs, you will probably get eleven different answers. I strongly believe that programming languages and technologies in use are just the toolset that you have to find what works best for you. I specifically chose Python at the beginning because it combines a lightweight environment with little overhead, meaning that you can rapidly develop and scale your business while still being enterprise-ready. It’s the programming language which I feel you can start well as a startup but also be able to grow into an enterprise in the long run.

And in combination with its lightweight framework, Flask, we can build API rapidly. There’s also react.js which has become a standard over the last couple of years. No wonder, it’s highly convenient – we can reuse code and many components on our dashboard while saving resources. What I also like about react.js is that it’s very modular, which makes it easy for development.

We believe that every tech company has different approaches regarding their frontend and backend technologies. Ultimately, programming languages are just the toolsets to help engineers to develop their product/software based on their business needs and requirements. In our case, everstox values scalability and we are confident to grow as a sustainable company in the long run.

From corporate to startup, Felix had worked in the role of C-level executives for over 10 years. With his extensive background in managing and working alongside hundreds of engineers, we also asked him about what he values in a developer and his experience with our tech team at everstox.

From your perspective, what is the most important trait in a developer?

For me, it’s eagerness to improve. Technology is changing so rapidly and there are many challenges that come along with a growing business like we do. I think once you stop learning something new, you are getting stuck or working backwards. I mean, nobody is perfect but I just love working with people who are aiming to continuously improve because that’s what we want to do as a business. So I think that is one of the most important traits in a great engineer.

Can you share with us how developers can grow with everstox?

So, the engineers in our team are all motivated by challenging tasks and frequently learning something new. We are really trying to expand the knowledge base of all the new technologies and components of our software within the team. This means, it’s not becoming a silo knowledge but the entire team has access to what is happening and what kind of exciting challenges we are facing. We aim at giving our developers the ownership of large and complex topics as well as providing mentorships from myself or other senior engineers. With this, we can continuously improve and grow as a team.

Some final words: it’s not the first time for Felix to scale up a tech-startup. That’s why we want to know what makes everstox so special. And therefore, ..

Felix, what do you like most about the company?

As mentioned in our interview, all technologies, microservices and smart tools that are chosen to drive our Logistics-as-a-Services (LaaS) solution are centered around the concept of flexible scalability. Furthermore, it’s always the collaborative working environment that helps our engineers thrive on software development. Not only does the flexible technology enable us to rapidly scale our service capacities in the past two years, but the great minds who help maintain the agility and efficiency of our development process.

If you want to know more about Felix’s work and be involved in a working environment full of steep learning curves and personal growth for yourselfs, our tech team is seeking new talents to help scale up our Logistics-as-a-Service solution.


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Felix takes care of product and IT related topics at everstox. Before everstox, Felix worked as CPO at Delivery Hero Germany. He managed various existing IT platforms and supported Product-building projects as Engineering and Venture CTO & CPO at Rocket Internet.

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