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Brooklyn Soap omnichannel logistics

Acing omnichannel logistics and customers’ choice

Discover how Everstox transformed Brooklyn Soap’s logistics landscape with flexible bundle customization and enhanced stock management for optimized fulfillment.

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Reduce logistics costs in 2023 best tips

6 tips to reduce logistics costs during 2023 inflation

Logistics costs are widely predicted to rise up to 25% of eCommerce sales in 2023. Read on to learn how to reduce logistics costs in turbulent times for a stronger go-to-market strategy in 2023.

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Greenforce fulfillment and shipping services everstox

everstox shortens delivery times for GREENFORCE

Equal access to first-class logistics within clicks: everstox empowers Germany’s popular food brand Greenforce with scalable D2C logistics.

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Yfood everstox warehousing, fulfillment and shipping solution Germany and UK

everstox wins new customer from the food sector: YFood

Germany’s popular food brand YFood scales eCommerce logistics with everstox to the UK.

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3 mio growth funding everstox announcement

everstox raises €3M growth funding for its logistics platform

Growth funding for everstox to skyrocket its Logistics-as-a-Service platform across Europe.

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vly food everstox logistics

Tech-driven food fulfillment for vly and Spooning by everstox

Food brands choose everstox for smart warehousing, omnichannel fulfillment and shipping.

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Angles90 sporting goods logistics everstox

Improving logistics for Healthcare and Sporting Goods

Angles90 and mybacs benefit from the everstox Logistics-as-a-Service platform with automated warehousing and fulfilment.

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Logistics as a service platform everstox

everstox launches Logistics-as-a-Service platform

Enabling eCommerce, B2B and retail businesses to optimize their warehousing & logistics operations for creating better shopping experiences.

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Future Perfect Accelerator everstox

GesundZusammen: Meet the finalists of the Future Perfect Accelerator

Te accelerator by the GesundZusammen initiative, announces its first four finalists after screening 250+ applications.

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