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Reduce logistics costs in 2023 best tips

6 tips to reduce logistics costs during 2023 inflation

Logistics costs are widely predicted to rise up to 25% of eCommerce sales in 2023. Read on to learn how to reduce logistics costs in turbulent times for a stronger go-to-market strategy in 2023.

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Sento case study helps skyrocket your B2B operations

Skyrocket your B2B operations

Want to scale B2B operations like top FMCG brands? Build a rock-solid logistics experience with an automated order-to-cash process. Save time, make no mistakes – win over your next supermarket as a customer.

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Xentral case study - Logistics solution everstox

Scaling monthly sales to over 10,000 orders

Selling over 10,000 orders a month? Let’s get to the heart of all important to-do’s so you can successfully scale your business.

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Agicap case study selling your first 5,000 orders abroad

Selling your first 5,000 orders abroad

Learn everything you need to know about launching your product distribution abroad and understand what operating costs you can expect.

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Yfood everstox warehousing, fulfillment and shipping solution Germany and UK

everstox wins new customer from the food sector: YFood

Germany’s popular food brand YFood scales eCommerce logistics with everstox to the UK.

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3 mio growth funding everstox announcement

everstox raises €3M growth funding for its logistics platform

Growth funding for everstox to skyrocket its Logistics-as-a-Service platform across Europe.

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vly food everstox logistics

Tech-driven food fulfillment for vly and Spooning by everstox

Food brands choose everstox for smart warehousing, omnichannel fulfillment and shipping.

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Angles90 sporting goods logistics everstox

Improving logistics for Healthcare and Sporting Goods

Angles90 and mybacs benefit from the everstox Logistics-as-a-Service platform with automated warehousing and fulfilment.

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Logistics as a service platform everstox

everstox launches Logistics-as-a-Service platform

Enabling eCommerce, B2B and retail businesses to optimize their warehousing & logistics operations for creating better shopping experiences.

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