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One central tool to manage it all.

Digitally manage your logistics operations from our network in one place. Quickly connected, reliably executed and visible in real-time. Explore how our logistics software saves your Operations Team time on a daily basis.

Software to manage 3PLs and carriers.

Our logistics software is your day-to-day tool to manage and monitor warehousing, fulfillment and shipping operations from our network including:

  • Inbound logistics management for inventory, transfers and returns
  • Outbound logistics management for orders, products and parcel shipment
  • Performance tracking, easy connectivity and automated data exchange between your commercial systems, 3PLs and carriers
ecommerce fulfillment software and 3pl management

Our feature overview.

One unified software to manage forward and reverse logistics activities across all chosen 3PLs and carriers. Here’s the full range of our feature modules.

01 – System Connectivity
shopify fulfillment integration, shopware and ERPs | logistics tech | everstox
Connect via API or webhooks: Be it Shopify, Shopware, Oracle Netsuite, Xentral or any other popular commerce systems. Data exchange between your systems and your logistics solution from our integrated network is automated.
02 – Order Management
order fulfillment solution | logistics tech | everstox
Track and automate order fulfillment processes from a global to an individual item level: For example, define what happens with Shopify vs. Zalando orders. Or modify, add or cancel individual orders and shipping instructions.
03 – Warehouse Routing
warehouse assignment | logistics tech | everstox
Route orders across warehouse locations to increase inventory efficiencies and to never let your customers experience a long delivery time. Customize your warehouse routing strategy based on distance, inventory availability, shipping methods and many more configurations.
04 – Inventory Management
inventory and stock management | logistics tech | everstox
No matter the source or location, stay on top of things for stock movements: Reserve and set thresholds to receive proactive alerts before running out of stock. Reconcile available and physical stock with all order sources to avoid overselling and announce transfers across warehouses.
05 – Shipping Management
DHL carrier and shipping management | logistics tech | everstox
Select your ideal carriers and shipping methods by location, destination and order type and manage all shipping processes in one place. Get access to real-time shipping visibility of fulfilled orders for proactive communication in your customer success processes.
06 – Product Management
SKU management tool | logistics tech | everstox
Easily add new products or bundles with key data sets like LOT and batch numbers, expiration dates and other instructions. Your sellable products are either automatically synced from your commerce system or created and updated via our interface. Our tech ensures to keep your master data up-to-date via one single source of truth across all systems and services in place.
07 – Return Management
order return management | logistics tech | everstox
Receive incoming return information across all warehouse locations including quality assessments and direct return handling execution based on your pre-defined SLAs.

Your benefits.

With our everstox technology and software in place, commerce businesses are no longer burdened with data silos and manual workflows for each 3PL or carrier.

inventory flows visibility

Omnipresent visibility.

Track the full range of daily operations and performances no matter which location or service is used – from incoming goods arriving at warehouses to orders being fulfilled and delivered to your customers’ doors.

ecommerce system integration

Reliable data updates.

Daily, hourly or by every minute – enjoy order, stock or shipping updates to prevent your Operations Team making the wrong supply chain decisions. Always work with reliable live data to orchestrate your distribution logistics.

data exchange with 3pls

Automated processes.

Deliver faster to entice your customers. Our technology ensures a seamless transition of data exchange between your sales channels and all operators making your life easier and your logistics processes more efficient.

3pl expansion

Scalable execution.

Save valuable time with one unified software to translate your 3PL and carrier instructions into digital workflows end-to-end. Easily scale operations with less overhead and a lean team setup. Work smarter, not harder.

The platform’s security
– our trust center.

Making our logistics technology and platform secure, reliable and available at all times is paramount for us.

Logistics tech | Permission Levels | everstox software

Permission Levels

Our permission system ensures that every everstox user sees only what they are supposed to have access to.
Logistics tech | Platform stability | everstox software

Platform Stability

Our in-house QA team, audits and several penetration testings and regular new releases ensure a stable environment.
Logistics tech | Data security| everstox software

Data Security

Data encryption and GDPR compliance is guaranteed: All data is secured, hosted and backed-up to European servers.
Logistics tech | Tech support | everstox software

Tech Support

Rest assured, your dedicated customer success and tech team take care of all IT and technical issues – if you have any.
Logistics tech | Proprietary software | everstox software

Proprietary Software

Our state-of-the-art software has been developed in a fully proprietary environment and uses all modern standards.
Logistics tech | Platform availability | everstox software

Platform Availability

High availability, data back-ups and failover testings ensure operations running 24/7 and a smooth product distribution.

FAQs about our logistics tech

Is there a Sandbox access available to test the environment?

Sure there is. After receiving your product demo and during operational onboarding, we’re happy to give you access to our Sandbox environment so that you can test our logistics tech and software.

How secure, reliable and stable is your logistic platform?

About the security, reliability and stability of our logistics tech: We ensure full user permission control, data encryption end-to-end, automatic fail-over and penetration testing, audits and internal QA, containerized architecture, modern frameworks and many more measures to keep our cloud logistics platform secure, reliable and stable at all times.

How long does it take to integrate systems?

Our LaaS platform is already pre-integrated with most common shops, ERPs and marketplaces. The integration process depends on whether you use our pre-integrated plug-ins, webhooks or open API to connect your systems. In any case, you receive a fully supported onboarding by our tech team including a validation for any integrations and beta-testing to ensure a smooth and successful go-live.

What are the most popular use cases?

We have a wide range of existing customers from various industries and product types using our logistics tech and software. Check out our Press Releases to read more about our partnerships that reflect our most popular tech- and fulfillment cases for example: yfood, Razor Group and many more!

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