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Apparel and Fashion logistics services.

Discover your customized Fashion logistics solution in Germany, the UK, Europe, and the United States. Our connected fulfillment and shipping network is designed to equip Fashion and Apparel businesses with time-saving logistics activities and a powerful post-purchase experience for their customers.

Why Fashion businesses choose everstox.

Learn how Fashion brand Tropicfeel and other leading businesses reduce shipping times and costs with our Fashion fulfillment solutions in key markets like Germany, the UK, and Spain.

Fashion logisitics services by everstox

Tailored fulfillment services for Fashion and Apparel.

Choosing Everstox means enjoying a fully customized approach to your Fashion logistics requirements. Our integrated platform solution combines a versatile 3PL and carrier network with operators specialized in Apparel and Fashion product handling.

Same-day fulfillment in Apparel logistics.

Rely on accurate same-day order fulfillment for Fashion and Apparel with tracking of SKUs regarding sizes, colors, serial numbers or any other custom data sets necessary for differentiating your articles and collections.

same-day fashion logistics services

Scalable Fashion logistics for seasonal order peaks.

Easily plan your inventory and Fashion fulfillment needs during Black Friday and Christmas. Flexibly shift storage capacities and pick & pack activities with our solution to handle your Apparel logistics requirements during these critical times.

scalable fashion fulfillment

Value-added services for quality control and testing.

Select inspection services from visual checks to product testing for incoming goods and during order fulfillment activities to ensure your inventory meets the high standards of your fashion brand before being fulfilled and shipped to customers.

value-added fulfillment services

Returns and refurbishment in Fashion logistics.

Define your ideal return handling process by selecting from a range of value-added services including refurbishment i.e. cleaning, steaming and repair to restock returned orders to your inventory.

return handling services and reverse logistics

Review the full range of connected eCommerce, B2B and value-added fulfillment services from our platform:

Global and local shipping services.

Select your preferred shipping carrier and shipping method. For example, decide between DHL GoGreen or UPS Express to create a completely customized post-purchase experience that aligns perfectly with your Fashion brand’s ethos.

shipping services with DHL and UPS

Discover cost-efficient B2B shipping and parcel delivery services:

Platform benefits and software features for Apparel and Fashion.

Manage, automate and plan your Apparel and Fashion logistics activities and inventory with digital oversight and smart execution – no matter which fulfillment center or shipping service is chosen from our integrated 3PL and carrier network.

logistics software order management

Order editing and fulfillment alerts.

Receive proactive alerts if the fulfillment of orders exceeds predefined times. Make order modifications, or cancel orders as needed, maintaining full order fulfillment control throughout your operations with our Order Management Module.

logistics software inventory management

Convenient inventory management.

Track stock movements and send transfers across your chosen fulfillment centers with smart precision: Available physical inventory is reconciled with sold, reserved or unavailable SKUs and bundles. Your pre-defined thresholds will alert you ahead of time before running out of stock.

return handling and reverse logistics

Automated return handling.

All returned items and parcels are directly dealt with based on your pre-defined service level agreements for return handling. Rest assured, all returned articles are digitally reflected in your inventory under our Return Handling Module.

Integrated fulfillment centers via the everstox network. 

Modern storage, timely picking and packing, and same- and next-day delivery always comes down to working with the right fulfillment center tailored to your specific industry. Thanks to our carefully screened network of expert operators in Germany, the UK, Europe, and the US – your Fashion logistics are in good hands.

Specialized Fashion fulfillment centers in Germany.

Outperform the rest with a dedicated fulfillment center in Germany managed by experts who have a deep understanding of your products. Choose your SLAs – from sustainable Fashion logistics services to a fully branded post-purchase experience. Enjoy the convenience of digital monitoring and management of all your Fashion and Apparel logistics processes through our platform.

Fashion fulfillment centers Germany

Fulfillment centers for Fashion and Apparel in the UK.

Partner with specialized fulfillment centers in the UK, renowned for their proficiency in handling and adapting your products for the UK market. Take advantage of our platform for seamless digital oversight and control over all your Fashion logistics activities.

Fashion fulfillment centers UK

Fulfillment centers Europe for Apparel and Fashion.

Lower international shipping expenses by teaming up with dedicated fulfillment centers in Italy, France, Spain, and throughout Europe. Leverage our integrated platform to access digital tracking and supervision for all your Fashion logistics operations in these regions.

Fulfillment centers for Fashion and Apparel in the UK

Fashion Fulfillment centers USA.

Operate more cost-efficiently with a specialized fulfillment center in the United States that excels in the intricacies of Apparel and Fashion. Make use of our extensive digital platform for overseeing and managing all your Fashion logistics operations.

Fulfillment center us for cosmetics

Product storage and fulfillment compliance.

Our integrated fulfillment centers adhere to the highest criteria for environmental, ethical, and modern supply chain practices. In particular, for Apparel and Fashion products, our fulfillment centers are certified in the following areas.

ISO Certification for Fashion logistics

Tech integration for your sales channels.

Embrace our API-first strategy, enabling effortless integration of your commercial systems, including online shops, ERPs, and marketplaces, with our everstox platform. Explore the extensive array of pre-integration options available.

system integration everstox

Discover how the everstox platform works.

Still reading? Great – explore the synergies of our integrated platform, software, and the interconnected 3PL and carrier network. Delve into the mechanics of how your customized Fashion logistics solution is designed from starting from your initial contact with our Sales Team to the seamless implementation and Go-Live.

everstox logistics platform

Optimize your Fashion fulfillment
operations with everstox. 

Say goodbye to operational inefficiencies in fashion and apparel logistics. Everstox simplifies the complex, providing the perfect storage, fulfillment, and distribution network for your Apparel and Fashion logistics needs.

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