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Store, fulfill and ship. We take care of it.

Forward-thinking enterprises and leading brands operate with our digital platform to deliver customer orders on a global scale. Dive into tailored logistics operations and software-led coordination – all in one. Welcome to everstox.

  • 70+ integrated locations in DE, UK and 8+ countries
  • Shipping with DHL, UPS and 15+ carriers

Trusted by 200+ logistics experts and operations teams


Choose your ideal B2B and e-Commerce logistics services.

Unchain your commerce momentum with scalable and professional B2B & e-Commerce logistics services. Explore the full range of tailored storage, pick & pack and delivery services integrated with our digital platform.


The only e-Commerce fulfillment solution you’ll ever need.

Access ideal distribution logistics services with a single connection of your commerce systems to our platform. With our logistics solution on your side, your supply chain turns into your competitive advantage.

  • Easy connectivity for your systems with open API
  • KPI-verified operations with no subcontracting
  • Dedicated success team during all stages
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Manage forward and reverse supply chains in one central place.

Break away from data silos and overheads – coordinate your entire B2B and e-Commerce logistics processes for 3PLs and carriers in one place. Manage, track and plan all daily operations in real-time.

  • Faster processes with 50+ workflows and features
  • 100% visibility of stock, orders, parcels and returns
  • Smart routing for a seamless delivery experience
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everstox e-commerce logistics software


e-Commerce and B2B fulfillment excellence across one network.

Store and fulfill your products closer to your target audience to ship faster. Dynamically select your ideal locations and carriers across one connected network, without process repetition.

  • Go local in Germany, the UK and 8+ countries
  • Scalable fulfillment services for e-Com, B2B and retail
  • Ship with DHL, UPS and 15+ carriers
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e-Commerce fulfillment and shipping Germany, Europe and the US everstox

Frequently asked questions

Our LaaS solution Our integrated network
Who is everstox and what’s Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS)?

everstox is a Munich-based software company operating a digital platform that unites an integrated network of 3PLs and carriers. We make first-class B2B and e-Commerce logistics services accessible to commerce businesses. With us, brands are empowered to create a powerful delivery experience while keeping distribution logistics efficient with a smart tool on their side. Our technology unites operational excellence with convenient process management. Operations managers use it, their customers love it. 

We call it Logistics-as-a-Service.

How scalable is your LaaS solution?

Our integrated solution supports unlimited order volumes. Regarding the B2B and e-Commerce fulfillment services and shipping operations, we currently work with 69 warehouses in Germany, across Europe, UK and the US. Which translates to >1.6m warehouse storage capacity. We’re not stopping here – our integrated distribution network is constantly expanding. Don’t miss out on becoming a market leader of tomorrow, like our customers.

Who are your typical customers?

We work with the market leaders of tomorrow – commerce businesses selling products to e-Commerce, B2B and retail customers – for which we facilitate the complexities of optimizing distribution logistics. Our typical use cases include strong brands like yfood, the nu company, Tropicfeel and many more established commerce enterprises from various consumer good verticals: cosmetics, food & beverage, accessories and more.

What makes everstox different?

Our LaaS solution focuses on an integrated tech approach. Instead of building CapEx-heavy infrastructure, we unite professional brands and commerce enterprises with Tier 1 third-party logistics (3PL) providers who have excelled in warehouse storage, D2C and B2B fulfillment services and shipping processes over generations. Our integrated platform provides full transparency, automation and digital coordination over chosen partners, processes and SLAs. Say goodbye to subcontracting and a black box.

What’s meant with pre-integrated commerce systems?

Our LaaS solution is fully API-driven and allows operations teams to coordinate all D2C and B2B fulfillment services from our integrated network with one smart software. 

Our cloud platform is already connected with the most popular sales channels and commerce systems (such as Shopify, Magento, Shopware), marketplaces (such as Amazon, Otto, cDiscount) and ERP systems (like SAP, Oracle Netsuite, Microsoft Dynamics, WeClapp, Xentral). That means, brands can start with our e-Commerce fulfillment solution within a fraction of time than it would take them with other solutions. 

With our connectors and software in place, operations managers achieve real-time visibility, coordination and planning of order fulfillment services, inventory flows and all key reverse and forward logistics processes between a brand, fulfillment centers and carriers.

In which locations are 3PL and carrier services available?

We offer specialized warehouse storage and fulfillment locations all across Europe including Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, the UK and the US with new warehouses and connectors added to the network on a regular basis.

Today, our Logistics-as-a-Service platform already unites 70+ fulfillment centers and 950+ carriers for local and global shipping. Find more information about our global warehousing, fulfillment and shipping network.

What logistics services do you offer?

Everstox offers tailored D2C & e-Commerce fulfillment services and value added services like branded packaging, localizing or inserts – just a few to mention.

In addition we also enable retail and B2B fulfillment services, like kitting, retail compliant labeling and advertising logistics and many more. All that is made possible by our integrated warehousing and shipping network.

How can I access the everstox network?

Simply visit our LaaS solution to find your ideal service package, or get directly started by filling out our contact form to book your demo call. Send us your business case and our team gets in touch with you as soon as possible.

After getting in touch with our team we design the perfect solution for you, with you – followed by the technical integration into your systems and operational onboarding to your ideal logistics solutions. Then it’s time to go live and start winning.

Does everstox own the warehouses?

No – we are a tech-first company offering an advanced e-commerce fulfillment solution. We partner with logistics providers who specialize in a variety of industry segments, including consumer goods like beauty & cosmetics, food & beverage, home decor, accessories and more. Our warehouse and fulfillment partner qualification process undergoes a strict due diligence evaluation consisting of a long-list of high quality standard and beta-testing executed by our Logistics Partner team.

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“everstox is the only smart e-Commerce logistics solution that empowers us with a fully tech-empowered approach. Within two months, we went live with over three warehouses in three countries and connected over seven sales channels.“
João Martins | CFO at Hey Harper
"everstox enables us to accelerate our European expansion with smart warehousing and local B2B & D2C fulfillment. By doing so, we excite our customers with faster shipping and the best possible service."
Robert Lingauer | Senior Fulfillment Manager at yfood
"Thanks to everstox, we can now flexibly integrate and control multiple warehouse locations and fulfillment centers with one easy-to-use software.”
Javier Turull | COO at Tropicfeel
"Working with everstox is fast and straightforward. Now we ship all orders for B2B and e-Commerce with fully-automated local warehousing and fulfillment, which saves us long delivery times and costs."
Anne Bader | International & E-Commerce Operations at the nu company
"With everstox, we benefit from the automation and standardization of all our logistics processes. This leads to time savings in the operational business in our main target markets such as Germany and the UK, among others.”
Dr. Oliver Dlugosch | Co-Founder and VP Operations at Razor Group

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