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Shipping with DHL.

Entice customers from all four corners of the globe with DHL shipping: Leading provider of domestic and international shipping. With one of the world’s largest shipping networks and all-encompassing delivery options – no market goes untapped.

shipping with DHL


DHL & carrier management empowered by everstox.

DHL parcel and pallet shipping gets your products where they need to be, guaranteed. Excite your customers with same- and next-day shipping, value-added services, and performance you can depend on. Choose DHL or another shipping company as your preferred carrier or realize the potential of a multi-carrier strategy. One integration to our eco-system gives instant access to:

shipping with DHL DHL parcel shipping


Powered by one of the largest international distribution networks. Courier, pallet, and parcel shipping with DHL: Responsible for over 1.5 billion successful deliveries every year.
UPS shipping services UPS parcel shipping


Experts in domestic US and international shipping. UPS makes every delivery simple with nationwide distribution centers and global support for customs and regulations.
DPD shipping DPD parcel services


Leading the way on next-generation green technology, DPD operates the largest express parcel market in Europe: Delivering over 8 million packages each day.
FedEx shipping services FedEx shipping services


Specialized in time-sensitive domestic and international shipping, especially in the United States. Pioneers of express deliveries on a global scale, FedEx is a powerful partner to have.
GLS shipping services GLS shipping services


One of the largest and most reputable European-specialist shipment companies. With a significant presence in the US for dependable domestic and transatlantic trade.
Royal mail uk shipping Royal mail parcel delivery

Royal Mail

The domestic delivery partner of choice for UK markets. Royal Mail’s local expertise opens the door to one of the world’s biggest consumer markets.
Hermes parcel delivery Hermes shipping services

Hermes (Evri)

Parcel delivery expert Evri (formerly Hermes) rounds out our UK domestic experts. Providing your brand with a cost-efficient range of shipment partners for every eventuality.
carrier solutions international shipping solutions

Other carrier options

Not seeing your preferred shipping service company in our overview? We work with many other urban, local and global carrier solutions. Simply reach out to us to request your ideal carrier solution.


Multi-carrier shipping: the difference is everstox.

Harness our exclusive shipping network and realize the potential of a multi-carrier strategy. Reduce costs, increase efficiency, and conquer new frontiers. From the best international delivery to the fastest local shipping – everstox makes excellence happen. Here is how you can create an ever-greater shipping standard with a multi-carrier offering – shipping with DHL included.

A diverse portfolio of carriers
– your flexible choice.

local shipping companies

Ship with local shipping companies.

Tailor your delivery network to your business needs, not the other way around. Wherever your customers are – partner with the best shipping service providers in that region to benefit from local deliveries.

lower shipping costs

Expand delivery services at lower costs.

More choice means better results. Select your ideal carrier based on lowest rates, fastest transit, specialized handling, and any other variable combinations. Deliver in a way that works for you.

same- and next-day shipping

conversion rates.

Offer customer’s choice: Express delivery, urban pick-up locations, cash on delivery, green and budget services. Create a market-leading portfolio of delivery options that will convince your customers every time.

dynamic carrier selection

Minimize risk with
multiple carriers.

everstox unlocks access to all carriers with a single integration. Be it peak season, strike, poor weather or other disruption: Diversified risk means facing unexpected challenges without delays.

Benefit from shipping automation empowered by one central tool.

More time to focus on what matters.

More than a logistics provider, we are a logistics partner. Branch out worldwide, safe in the knowledge that your ideal logistics operations are at the center. No need to track down details from multiple carriers: our customer support team handles all parcel queries and issues. Discover the only contact details you will ever need.

everstox logistics software

Track & trace from warehouse to doorstep.

Whether shipping exclusively with DHL or utilizing a multi-carrier approach, the product journey is just a click away. Every parcel: Tracked and traceable at any point in time from one easy-to-use platform. Let your customers know their purchase will be with them shortly.

Parcel tracking everstox

Enjoy less overhead during shipping administration.

Increased spending power.

Fully flexible payment options free up the capital your company needs to expand. Focus on growing your inventory, production, and marketing. With more cost-effective deliveries and greater market penetration, this is an investment that pays for itself.

shipping with dhl

Invoice audits.

Our proprietary software monitors invoices on a shipment-by-shipment level. Any discrepancies are resolved quickly and refund processes started automatically. The result? An optimized cash flow handled entirely by us.

parcel shipping invoices


Why shipping with DHL as partner?

Connecting powerful commerce businesses with DHL shipping is a no-brainer. As a global leader in parcel shipping and one of our trusted partners – DHL has a lot to offer.

Global reach

Shipping with DHL brings the world closer to home. With an international network spanning more than 220 countries and territories, no market is out of reach.

Fast deliveries

Tap into the fastest delivery options available. DHL same-day and next-day shipping get your product to the customer in a matter of hours, not days.

Reliable results

3/4 of customers would not consider re-purchases when the delivery experience has been poor. With DHL shipping, transparent tracking and peace of mind is guaranteed.

Sustainable delivery

Delivery with DHL is a commitment by your company to go ever greener. Today’s consumer is eco-conscious. Give them what they want with eco-friendly transport options and a promise to be carbon neutral by 2050.

Customer service

First-class logistics is no 9-5. Deliver excellence for your customers 24/7 with DHL’s dedicated customer service team. On hand to ensure a great product is never compromised by a poor experience.

Local & global shipping

Unlock over 220 countries and territories within the DHL network. Tailored services drive the best metrics for local and/or global shipping.

Standard parcel shipping

Unlock new markets with affordable shipping. DHL standard parcel shipping allows your customers to save money in this challenging climate.

Express parcel shipping

Same-day and next-day shipping with DHL. Made possible by a global network of over half a million shipping experts.

Freight shipping

DHL pallet and non-palletized shipping combine air, ocean, rail, and road to deliver the best route possible.

GoGreen shipping

Eliminate or offset carbon emissions with one of the world’s leading green logistics initiatives.

Cooled shipping

Protect your customer orders with customized temperature-controlled shipments.

DHL return shipping

Perfect reverse logistics with DHL and everstox: We put you in control of your custom returns procedure.

DHL parcel tracking

Follow every parcel from warehouse to doorstep with DHL. Both client and customer can track a delivery anywhere, anytime, with no more than a shipping number.

Value-added services

Add insurance, packaging, customs support, and more to create the most effective shipping operation for your brand.

Harness the potential of a custom logistics operation.

Our success team listens to your business needs and tailors a roadmap to operational excellence. From shipping with DHL to a multi-carrier approach, we find the best storage, fulfillment, and delivery solutions for you. The journey starts here.

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