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Warehousing & fulfillment in the UK

Unlock the UK market with instant access to the best local warehousing facilities, fulfillment centers, and carrier networks. Ship local and deliver operational excellence from a single integration – only with everstox.

UK warehousing


UK warehousing.

As the world’s 6th largest economy, the UK represents a key market for any international brand. Superb transport links, high population density, and cutting-edge logistics make for an even more enticing proposition. Here’s what you need to know:

UK warehousing

Central location

Warehouses in the United Kingdom are often strategically located near major ports and transportation hubs like London, Felixstowe, and Southampton. This proximity to ports facilitates efficient import and export activities: Driving down costs and delivery times.

warehousing in the uk

Warehouse sizes

UK warehouses cater to a range of stock and inventory needs. The largest warehousing facility in the UK is Amazon’s fulfillment center in Dunfermline, Scotland, at over 1 million sq ft. There are also many smaller centers specializing in specific niches such as e-commerce and perishable goods.

ecommerce fulfillment services uk

Modern infrastructure

The UK warehousing sector has seen significant investment in recent years. Rapid technological advancements have resulted in warehouses with features like automation, robotics, and advanced inventory management systems.

uk fulfillment

Fulfillment services

Many UK warehouses provide additional value-added services including pick and pack, labeling, kitting, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment for e-commerce businesses.

d2c fulfillment services uk

Seasonal demand

The UK warehousing industry experiences spikes in demand during peak seasons, leading to increased temporary employment and additional space requirements. The UK also sees diverse seasonal demand with a range of climates.

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Major UK logistics hubs within our ecosystem

Key warehousing and logistics hubs are strategically positioned throughout the UK. Each is serviced by excellent road links, numerous seaports, and international airports. Understanding these logistics hubs is the first step toward unlocking the UK market.

Warehouses near London

As the capital city, London serves as a vital UK warehousing and logistics hub. London benefits from an extensive transportation infrastructure including major airports (Heathrow, Gatwick), seaports (Tilbury, London Gateway), and a comprehensive road network.

fulfillment center london

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in London from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near Manchester

Located in the northwest of England, Manchester is a significant logistics hub with excellent transport links including Manchester Airport, the Port of Liverpool, and access to major highways.

Fulfillment center Manchester UK

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in Manchester from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near Birmingham

Situated in the West Midlands region, Birmingham is known as the UK’s “Second City.” It benefits from a central location and well-connected transportation network including Birmingham Airport, major rail links, and proximity to major highways.

Fulfillment center Birmingham UK

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in Birmingham from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near Felixstowe

Located on the east coast of England, Felixstowe is the UK’s largest container port and a crucial logistics hub for international trade. It services warehouses across the United Kingdom with imported and exported goods, particularly from Asia and Europe.

Felixstowe fulfillment center UK

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in Felixstowe from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near Southampton

Situated on the south coast of England, Southampton is another significant port city and logistics hub. It serves as a major container port and also facilitates cruise ship operations.

Southampton fulfillment center UK

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in Southampton from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near East Midlands

The East Midlands region – including cities like Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester – is known for providing logistics, distribution, and warehousing services critical to the UK economy. The region benefits from its central location and excellent transport links including East Midlands Airport and proximity to major highways.

East midlands warehouses UK

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in East Midlands from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near Glasgow

In Scotland, Glasgow serves as a major logistics hub. It has well-established road, rail, and air connections, including Glasgow Airport, and acts as a gateway for freight entering Scotland.

Glasgow warehouses and fulfillment centers

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in Glasgow from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near Edinburgh

Edinburgh is also a significant logistics hub in Scotland thanks to its transportation infrastructure, including Edinburgh Airport and various rail connections.

fulfillment center edingburgh uk

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in Edinburgh from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near Leeds / Bradford

The Leeds / Bradford area in West Yorkshire is an important logistics hub, offering access to major road networks and Leeds Bradford Airport.

Fulfillment centers leeds UK

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in Leeds / Bradford from our ecosystem.

Warehouses near Bristol

Located in the southwest of England, Bristol is a key logistics hub with access to the Bristol Port, Bristol Airport, and major road connections.

Fulfillment center Bristol UK

Consult with our logistics expert to onboard your specialized storage and fulfillment center in Bristol from our ecosystem.


Why choose warehouses in the UK?

With year-on-year market growth and excellent logistics operations, the UK has a lot to offer. It is also a market that values the best services and most tailored experiences. Here is what makes the UK such an enticing proposition:

uk fulfillment services everstox

High spending power and disposable income

The UK has an average household disposable income of $36,000 per year. This gives UK consumers some of the highest spending power in Europe. This also translates to higher-than-average conversion rates and customers that are willing to spend more for superior services. UK-based warehousing and fulfillment delivers that better experience.

warehouses in the uk

Rapidly growing e-commerce market

The UK e-commerce market – currently the world’s third largest – is expected to grow by over 20% in the next five years. Popular verticals including fashion, beauty, and electronics are projected to expand even faster. everstox-partnered UK warehouses are best placed to tap into this attractive proposition.

pick and pack prices uk

Low shipping and fulfillment costs

As a small and densely populated market, the UK offers some of the world’s lowest domestic fulfillment costs. With most households within a 12-hour distance from any UK warehouse, same and next-day deliveries are straightforward. Significant investments in automation and optimization are helping to drive costs down even further.

uk ecommerce power

World-leading commerce capabilities

Warehousing and fulfillment facilities in the UK are often located next to some of the world’s busiest ports – the port of Felixstowe alone handles over 4 million units of cargo every year. As the 13th largest exporter and 5th largest importer in the world, the UK offers exceptional domestic and international opportunities.


UK commerce
empowered by everstox

Plug into our ecosystem to access the United Kingdom’s best warehouses, fulfillment, and delivery services. 12 strategically positioned warehouses connected by 15+ partnered carriers: UK fulfillment – sorted.

Our integrated fulfillment centers

Our UK warehouse network is designed to deliver the fastest delivery times and lowest shipping rates. Each fulfillment and logistics center has been carefully vetted and selected based on our success criteria:

  • Proven record of delivering excellence over an extended period of time
  • Flexibility to scale up and down to meet seasonal demand and broad order/SKU volumes
  • Highly integrated technology for greater autonomy and control
  • Transparency of operations including on-site visits and regular quality audits
  • Value-added services such as package localization and custom bundle creation
  • Specialized handling and shipping of goods in specific verticals
  • Strategically located warehouses that unlock key UK logistics hubs and markets

 Plug into the best warehousing and fulfillment centers in the United Kingdom with a single integration.

Our connected carrier partnerships

Our multi-carrier approach allows you to ship globally and fulfill locally. Harness a tailored partnership between your warehouses in the UK and local shipment specialists to deliver the best results:

Faster deliveries

Meet modern consumer expectations by offering same and next-day delivery as standard. Local shipping partnerships and strategically located fulfillment centers bring the UK market to your doorstep.

Reduced logistics costs

Cut the red tape with our smart route ordering and local fulfillment. Fewer border fees, shorter transport times, and our exclusive partnerships all mean greater value for your business and your customer.

Better customer service

Trust in local expertise to deliver a more personal experience. With local pickup points and customer support, turn your brand into a pillar of the local community.

More choice

Excite customers with a delivery experience that caters to them. From timeslot delivery and pickup locations to eco-friendly and budget shipping options. Offer your customers what they want: Freedom to choose.

Great sustainability

Cut your brand’s carbon emissions with UK warehousing and local fulfillment. The UK is an eco-conscious market: 8/10 consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable delivery. Ship local – ship sustainable.

Shipping services in the UK

everstox is your one-stop storage, fulfillment, and delivery solution. From the best warehousing providers in the UK to perfect-match shipping solutions. Our carrier ecosystem includes 15+ of the world’s leading local and global delivery partners. Some of our preferred partners for the UK market:

Royal Mail shipping

Royal Mail

Connecting our warehouses in the UK to every doorstep, Royal Mail is our local supplier of choice. With over 10,000 post offices and 100,000 postboxes, Royal Mail is a cornerstone of the community.

Shipping with hermes

Evri (Hermes)

Local parcel delivery experts Evri make getting your product to the customer simple. Unlock the market with 7000+ parcelshops and 1500+ 24/7 collection lockers, alongside one of the largest courier networks.

shipping with GLS


Operating the largest independent European network, GLS excels with regional market presence alongside cross-border reach. From the UK to over 40 European countries, GLS is a leading continental supplier.

shipping with UPS


As a leader in global logistics, UPS is the bridge between your warehouses in the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. With more than 220 territories served, no market is out of reach.

Your logistics partner in the UK

Grow your UK market with everstox: The best storage, fulfillment, and shipping solutions. United under one logistics platform and tailored to your specific business needs: The only logistics integration you will ever need.

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