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Shipping excellence.

Your customers love your company’s product portfolio. You just need to get it to their doorstep. Integral to any brand’s post-purchase experience is the ability to deliver on customer expectations. Shipping options are expected, delays not to be tolerated. Creating a consistent delivery experience in all target markets has long been a challenge for commerce companies that want to remain independent. We are here to change that.

Shipping services everstox

First-class shipping tailored to you.

Harness logistics as a driving force for converting customers. We offer an established ecosystem defined by the world’s leading parcel and freight transport companies. Supply success with shipping services rooted in local expertise, then branch out with a global reach. 

Because a world connected is a world of possibilities. Our partnerships between Tier 1 local and international shipping providers unite our network of strategically positioned fulfillment centers. All to provide smart access to a global market. From cost reduction and order routing optimization to value-added services and brand protection, we place the world at your feet. 

DHL, ups, DPD, GLS, FedEx, PostNL, Royal Mail, La Poste connected to everstox shipping solution

Local and global shipping services empowered by everstox.

More than simply a shipping business, everstox is an integrated storage, fulfillment, and shipment solution. Take advantage of our dynamic multi-carrier management to always deliver fast, at best rates, without the complexity of dealing with various contracts and suppliers yourself. 

Embrace fast last-mile parcel delivery directly to your customers’ doorstep and cost-efficient bulk goods transportation between your selected fulfillment centers from our logistics network. 

fulfillment network Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain, USA everstox

Offer customers’ choice

Excite your customers with shipping solutions designed for them

  • Increase your conversion rate with multiple delivery options for each product, market and country. 
  • Offer your customer varied shipping options such as timeslot delivery, express vs sustainable shipping, and more. 
logistics knowledge hub everstox

Optimize shipping costs

Determine the optimal carrier & service offering based on your product portfolio. 

  • Select the best carrier based on lowest rate, fastest transit, accessorial charges, and any combination of variables. 
  • Benefit from attractive pricing terms due to the consolidation of order volume across the everstox platform.
Logistik Vision | die LaaS Plattform | everstox

Diversify risk and dependencies

Ensure business continuity at challenging times, always.

  • Ensure carrier capacity and flexibility during peak seasons such as Black Friday, Christmas or Easter. 
  • Use fall-back options during strikes, weather conditions or similar critical events that are out of your company’s control.
Our LaaS Platform | everstox

Leverage multi-carrier dynamics

Reduce operational overhead complexity by our multi-carrier management service.

  • Centralize your multiple carrier interactions via one point of contact – the everstox carrier management team.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with our carrier management team in place to ensure your continued delivery success.

Streamlining shipping
the everstox way.

Turn complex operations into easy workflows with one platform. Formulate, optimize, and expand with powerful oversight and comprehensive integration into every step of the delivery journey.

Our technology unites the entire logistics process under a single application, putting you in complete control. Deliver excellence every time, for your customers and your business.

parcel shipping tracking technology everstox

Performance tracking and invoice audits.

We put you in the driver’s seat. Ensure your selected shipment enterprises deliver the best results for your company with full carrier performance and invoice control. 

  • Track the speed, reliability, and cost efficiency of your carrier service network with our carrier management team on your side.
  • Resolve issues before they become a problem and avoid overcharges through our claim handling services.
shipping companies Germany and Europe

Transparent shipping with Track and Trace.

Our new Track and Trace module works in tandem with our existing shipping solutions and carrier network to seamlessly track the entire flow of goods.

  • Get to know the customer experience with real-time data on every shipment to proactively trigger your customer service communication. 
  • Enjoy complete oversight, from warehouse to doorstep for all parcels and carriers in one convenient overview.
shipping services tracking of parcel shipments

All operational shipping services at a glance.

Choose the right operational shipping services to deliver locally and globally in the right way.

Shipping methods

Find the flexibility to meet your customers’ expectations. Last minute gifts needed yesterday, cost of living considerations, hectic schedules with barely an hour to spare. More than a matter of convenience – your customers need options.

Meet the demands of modern life with eco-friendly, standard, express, fixed-day and -time shipment solutions. Add customer value and protect your brand with additional transport insurance, track & sign, age verification, and 2-man-handling. Full access from all major carriers with one integration. Why go anywhere else when you offer it all?

carrier shipping methods everstox

Shipping format

Choose from LTL and FTL freight transport services for best-rate inventory management across our entire distribution network. Lower costs further and increase flexibility with shipment consolidation and cross-docking services at your disposal.

Deliver directly to customers and retailers with your choice of shipping format including letter, warenpost, parcel, or pallet.

shipping formats everstox

Carrier Services

Unlock the potential of an expansive ecosystem of national and international shipment services comprising over fifteen Tier 1 companies. Connect with our wide range of shipping partners – from local delivery services to cargo and container shipping companies – and solidify your hold on each market with immediate access to the best suppliers in that region. 

Our global shipping partners

  • UPS
  • DHL
  • FedEx
  • GLS
  • Hermes (now called Evri)
  • DPD

Our local shipping partners

  • Royal Mail (UK)
  • Yodel (UK)
  • La Poste (FR)
  • Colissimo (FR)
  • MondialRelay (FR)
  • Posteitaliane (IT)
  • Correos (ES)
  • PostCH (CH)
  • Postnl (NL)

carriers for parcel shipping including DHL, UPS, DPD, FedEx, GLS, Hermes

Ship to impress.

For too long, complex logistics have hindered upward momentum for high-potential businesses. What’s needed is a different approach. Turn logistics into your commerce engine with a new standard of integration, oversight, and optimization.

Take charge of a unified pathway from storage to delivery – powered by one platform. Best-in-class local and international shipping services seamlessly bridge the gap between a network of interconnected fulfillment centers and the customer. A range of shipping methods, services and in-depth monitoring drive growth and uphold standards. 

From vendor and 3PL partnering, to network and cost optimization, we are here to tailor your experience. Once plugged into our network, you will have access to real-time visibility, automation, and execution across your entire warehousing, fulfillment and shipping enterprise. Improving locally or expanding globally, our technology puts you in control. More than a shipment business, a storage solution, or a fulfillment center. When all the pieces are put together, this is operational excellence. This is Logistics-as-a-Service.

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