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Who we are.

Empowering, elevating and expanding businesses is what we love and do at everstox. Our international network and LaaS platform bring together logistics experts, tech enthusiasts and modern consumer brands with the brightest ideas. Welcome to the world of everstox.

Our LaaS Platform | everstox

Our vision.

| Creating a world where everyone can excite customers globally and save resources locally by distributing products in the most efficient way. |

We strive for equal access to the highest grade technology in logistics – which makes our one integrated solution the driving power of our vision.

Logistics Vision | Our LaaS Platform | everstox

Our mission.

| We set the new standard of distributing products for market leaders of tomorrow: The most powerful logistics network united by one technology. |

We believe in connecting the right synergies to improve the world we live in – by weaving our tech seamlessly into existing structures. And it’s changing the world.

Logistics platform everstox mission

Meet our
everstox team.

We value our team over all and collected the best experts from all over the globe. But everything started with our three brilliant minds: get to know our founders Joe, Boris and Felix.

eCommerce Logistics startup munich, Germany everstox

Johannes Tress
Co-CEO & Founder

Johannes leads our core business functions and drives our growth and success for merchants and logistics partners alike.

Previously, Johannes was a BCG consultant and founded and bootstrapped space-y, a startup for modern workspaces.

Johannes Tress Co-CEO and Founder everstox

Boris Bösch
Co-CEO & Founder

Boris brings together the right people and the best ideas to fuel the everstox strategy and mission.

He has a background as consultant to VC-funded scale-ups across industries – he also previously worked at Boston Consulting Group (BCG) in Corporate Development.

Boris Bösch Co-CEO and Founder everstox

Felix Haberland
CTO & Founder

Felix is our tech-savant and builds, together with our stellar product and engineering teams, the everstox product: The new standard of logistics for market leaders of tomorrow.

Before everstox, Felix worked as CPO at Delivery Hero Germany. In addition, he managed various eCommerce tech platforms as CTO at Rocket Internet Ventures.

Felix Haberland CTO and Founder everstox

One team,
one passion.

Growing beyond starts with the right mindset and culture. We meet on an eye-to-eye level with everyone and believe in the power of people.

"Welcome to the future of tech-logistics. Shape the now, the tomorrow and the inbetween with us and: 01001010 01101111 01101001 01101110 00100000 01101111 01110101 01110010 00100000 01110100 01100101 01100001 01101101 ;)."
Marjia | Tech Lead
"We put people above all: Connecting the right minds with the perfect challenges, fulfill your potential and grow beyond – HR is here to help you develop and all stakeholders to aim for the best version of themselves."
Viktoria | People & Culture Lead
"Logistics cannot follow a one-size-fits-all approach – each customer needs a suitable solution that fits the business case. With our LaaS solution, we inspire operations managers worldwide while creating efficiencies across the enterprise."
Tatjana | Success Team Lead
"Exciting opportunities in a variety of business fields and working with the founders on a day-to-day basis? Guaranteed in business development! Become the team spirit of everstox personified and keep pushing for: ever better logistics."
Justus | Head of Business Development
“Scaling clients with growth-driving solutions is our passion. From high-performing brands to small giants growing into megacorps: growth is the place to be, if it's about to get bigger, better and a blast. If this sounds like your cup of tea…”
Niklas | Growth Lead

Our latest company & logistics updates.

Explore our recent company updates and press releases. Our LaaS platform is ever expanding, stay tuned.

Meet our
team live.

Masterclasses, webinars and trade shows – we go places to connect, exchange ideas and inspire minds.