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All roads lead to warehousing.

Operational excellence comes from a one-size-fits-one approachthere is the best fit and there is the rest. Why do businesses settle for warehousing services that require manual onboarding, use fragmented systems, and result in partial oversights? Traditional storage and distribution services are outdated. Industry leaders of tomorrow need more. Enter everstox.

warehousing services empowered by everstox

The everstox approach.

Deliveries that arrive on time, every time. Quality from warehouse to doorstep, assured by specialized storage zones and tailored inspection procedures. An optimized network of interconnected storage warehousing hubs, driving costs down and growth up. Operational oversight, immediate scalability, global reach, and local distribution.

Once accessible only to the biggest players, now available to all independent commerce businesses. One ecosystem – connected by the latest technology. This is our Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) solution.

everstox storage and warehousing

Connected globally, fulfilled locally.

Empowering the market-leading brands of tomorrow to optimize efficiencies, today. Break away from centralized storage warehousing, manual carrier integration, and disparate distribution networks. It’s time to tap into the growth potential of an integrated warehouse and logistics solution

Link your company to operational excellence with the infrastructure of 70+ fulfillment centers strategically positioned throughout Europe, the US, and the UK. Whether improving core market efficiency or cross-border distribution, discover the economies of scale with unlimited capacity across a fully integrated network of warehousing services. 

warehouse storage network Europe everstox

Product-specific storage

Storage warehousing is the home of your inventory. Specialty temperature-controlled zones, bulky goods storage and expert handling of valuable, fragile, or hazardous items are all within your reach. Our warehousing services are designed to store your SKUs how you need it today, and tomorrow.

SKU and product management

Real-time tracking of stock levels

Building trust takes time. Breaking it, only a moment. Deliver upon your customer-service goals every time with experienced end-to-end warehousing services. From standard control for incoming goods to real-time inventory management powered by the cloud. This is quality assurance, done right.

stock management for warehouse operations

Scalable warehousing storage

Want to branch out? As a rule, we offer scalability and flexibility without limits. A global reach empowered by a local touch. We are integrated with KPI-proven 3PLs in every region, giving you the freedom to operate without vendor-lock-in or static setups. Our warehousing logistics services are the key to unlocking the next door on your road to success. 

warehouse storage management

All storage and
warehousing services

warehouse capacity everstox

Warehouse storage

  • 1,100,000 sqm warehouse areas with palletized storage

  • 450,000 sqm storage areas that are not palletized

  • 105,000 sqm small item shelf storage areas

  • ISO-, HACCP-, and IFS HPC-compliant warehouse areas

  • Operational teams on the ground to guarantee daily fulfillment runs flawlessly
warehousing services everstox

Warehousing services

  • Palletization services for inbound logistics incl. visual checks, QA, and functionality testing

  • High-rack warehouses for small / medium / large items

  • Warehouses with small / medium part shelving racks

  • Stock flow control with barcode scanners, FiFo and BBD handling, batch and stock flow tracking

special storage services everstox

Special storage

  • Temperature-controlled storage and cooling areas for below 0°C / 1-4°C / 14-21°C
  • Furniture, bicycles, and other bulky items storage areas
  • Jewelry and valuables, liquids, batteries, as well as delicate or dangerous products
3PL and carrier network everstox

Logistics network

  • 70+ connected fulfillment centers with a workforce of over 8,000 warehousing and fulfillment experts
  • Active operations in 10+ countries: DE, UK, IT, FR, ES, NL, SW, PL, CZ and US
  • Local and global pallet and parcel delivery with 950+ carriers

A logistics revolution.

Where concrete solutions meet cloud-enabled oversight, discover storage and warehousing services that work with you. By pairing on-the-ground excellence with leading technology we achieve limitless scalability with complete control. A new standard.

Warehousing services tailored
to your business needs.

Decoupling potential growth from the constraining realities of logistics allows an enterprise to grow organically. From the first step, we empower you to deliver what’s right for your customers. Our logistics team will assess your needs and cherry-pick from our network of warehousing and 3PL services to realize your roadmap to success.

everstox warehouse solution cube

Tap into efficiency
with our global network.

Once plugged in, you are free to leverage our entire distribution network. Proven collaborations between local storage and distribution services enable you to deliver upon the exacting standards of the modern consumer. Take charge of your industry with lower costs, faster shipping, and reliable quality control. That’s how you ship with the big players while retaining full independence. 

everstox warehouse solution cube

Stay in the know with
API-driven automation.

Conquer the complexities of scale with a technological edge. No more labor-intensive and manual piecemeal operations. It’s time to welcome a holistic LaaS (Logistics-as-a-Service) approach. Track in real-time the journey of your goods from warehouse to customer doorstep. Coordinate across your entire storage warehousing network and redistribute according to demand. Leverage our smart routing solutions to minimize costs and maximize efficiency. A faster, smarter, leaner approach. All from a single cloud-enabled platform.

warehouse expansion everstox

Key benefits of our
warehouse storages

warehouse solution benefit

Reduce overheads with streamlined automation and the economies of unlocked scale.

storage solution benefit

Scalability on your terms: no vendor-lock-in, no manual integration, no inventory limits.

inbound and outbound logistics solution everstox

Quality assurance you can depend on, tracked from arrival at the warehouse to your customers’ doors.

professional warehousing everstox

Instantly plug into a cross-border distribution network of vetted and proven logistics and warehousing services.

warehouse operations tracking everstox

Holistic processes and oversight, powered by best-in-class cloud technology and accessible from a single platform. 

parcel delivery everstox

Meet industry-leading metrics for delivery times and costs with smart routing solutions, while remaining independent.

Your warehousing quote,
your growth journey. 

Operational excellence is no longer the exclusive playground of an elite few. This is the age of Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS). The answer for strong brands looking to expand without limits.

Every company is different. Why should your logistics be the same? From the best warehousing services to cost optimization and technology integration, every step is customizable by our logistics experts. Like a well-tailored suit, we craft a solution only you could wear.

Plug in to your commerce empire with a single click. Drive growth in real-time with complete control over order details, inventory management, shipping, and returns.

The time will come to expand. Whether to expand into new frontiers or solidify your hold on a core market, discover scalability without limits by tapping into a single interconnected network. No process repetition and no roadblocks. This is the end of logistics as a problem for scaling businesses. The growth revolution is here. Logistics is the answer.

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