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Ship with the best: UPS and other shipping provider.

Access our global network of the world’s leading carriers from a single integration. Diversify your parcel shipping by dynamically selecting the most suitable providers. Deliver your customers the best shipping options for them – every time.

shipping with ups


Our multi-carrier solution: The right choice, every time.

Good logistics allow growth. Excellent logistics drive it. Optimize your company operations by partnering with the best. All of them. A multi-carrier solution allows you to pick the best provider for every situation. Every region. Every product. Discover the benefits for yourself:

fast parcel shipping

Increase conversions.

Excite every customer with the broadest delivery options. Express delivery, pickup locations, cash on collection, carbon neutral shipments: Whatever your customer wants, they get.

reduce parcel shipping costs

Optimize costs.

Select the correct carrier based on any number of potential variables: Benefit from our volume discounts, optimal transit routes, value-added services like delivery insurance. Only settle for the best.

multi carrier shipping method

Diversify risk.

Strikes, seasonal peaks, cyber criminality. Overcome the unexpected. Tap into greater flexibility – whatever the disruption. Switch between providers with a click and never find yourself tied to a roadblock again.


This makes our multi-carrier
offering special.

everstox logistics platform

One integrated platform.

The benefits of multiple carriers with the convenience of one. Track & trace all parcel shipments from our integrated dashboard. Complete control of your logistics network. In one place, with one technology.

everstox shipping audits

Automated shipment

Our technology analyzes carrier invoices at the individual shipment level. Something not as it should be? We handle everything and process your refund automatically.

shipping with ups and team support

Ongoing admin support.

Our help doesn’t stop once we get you up and running. We remain at the heart of your logistics – offering ongoing support and handling all queries. Meet the last point of contact you will ever need.

flexible payment options

Flexible payment options.

We put you in charge of the finances with payment options to match your business. Free up capital for what really matters: Growing your market share.


Your ideal carrier shipping empowered by everstox.

DHL parcel and pallet shipping gets your products where they need to be, guaranteed. Excite your customers with same- and next-day shipping, value-added services, and performance you can depend on. Choose DHL or another shipping company as your preferred carrier or realize the potential of a multi-carrier strategy. One integration to our eco-system gives instant access to:

UPS: Your preferred choice for global shipping.

Why everstox customers choose UPS as one of their preferred global carriers:

ups shipping services


UPS tops the U.S. delivery market with a 97.5% on-time delivery rate (2023). Offering same and next day express shipping, UPS has a track record of delivering goods globally on time and faster than the competition.

Extensive network

Plug into one of the world’s largest carrier networks. More than half a million employees and a fleet of 125,000 vehicles. That’s how UPS offers delivery to over 220 countries and territories.

Customer service

Bank on last-mile excellence with superior customer service. Serve your customers better with support centers positioned in your target market. Local expertise available online, over the phone, and in person.


91% of e-commerce buyers want a green delivery option at checkout. Excite your customers with carbon neutral shipping, a fleet of fuel-efficient vehicles, and eco-restorative initiatives.

UPS parcel and pallet shipping services available in the everstox ecosystem.

Select your ideal shipping methods as part of our dynamic carrier and shipment service:

shipping with ups across everstox

Domestic and international shipping

UPS operates more than 2,000 daily flights to 220 countries and territories. A world of opportunities.

Standard shipping

Cost-effective domestic and international shipping including freight, pallet, and parcel shipping with UPS.

Express shipping

Same and next-day domestic delivery with UPS. Worldwide shipping times of 2-5 business days. Choose express shipping for the fastest possible deliveries.

Express saver

Save money and deliver faster with the best cost/performance delivery option.

Express 12:00

When next day still isn’t fast enough. Guarantee delivery before 12:00 pm with overnight transit.

UPS my choice

A free service that maximizes value for your customer. Set delivery location, reschedule, and receive real-time updates.

UPS access point

Seamlessly integrate a global network of pickup and drop-off points into your e-commerce checkout.

UPS returns

Pre-printed or emailed returns labels. Doorstop collection or “no box, no label” store drop off. Returns made simple.

UPS tracking

Track individual or multiple packages at home or on the go with real-time data.

DHL: Your preferred choice for global shipping.

Why everstox customers choose DHL as one of their preferred global carriers:

shipping with dhl

Global reach

The world at your feet with a global network that spans over 220 countries. Deliver to any customer, anywhere with DHL – experts in international shipping.

Fast deliveries

Deliver faster than the competition with same-day and next-day delivery options. Less time spent waiting, more time spent exciting.

Proven reliability

DHL has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most trusted delivery partners. Transparent operations and real-time tracking bridge the gap between business and customer.

Sustainable shipping

DHL is committed to sustainability. Show your customer you too are with carbon-neutral deliveries, hybrid vehicles, and waste reducing practices.

Customer service

Delivering worldwide leaves no time to rest. DHL’s dedicated customer service team is available 24/7 to assist your customers. That’s around-the-clock excellence.

Access to DHL shipping within the everstox eco-system.

Explore the full range of DHL shipping services in the everstox ecosystem.

dhl shipping services with everstox

GLS: Your preferred choice for European shipping.

Why everstox customers choose GLS as one of their preferred European carriers:

shipping with GLS

Extensive network

Deliver ever-better results for your European markets. Harness a network of over 1,600 depots spanning more than 40 countries. That’s how you conquer cross-border deliveries.

Competitive pricing

Spend less with GLS. Take advantage of broad delivery options and custom truckload solutions. Pay only for the services and cargo space you need – at a market-leading price.

Advanced technology

Invest in tomorrow and excite the customer today. Empower your consumers with real-time tracking, precise delivery notifications, and an easy-to-use online portal. A future-proof solution.

Sustainable shipments

Take your customers’ environmental awareness into account. GLS relies on climate-neutral shipping and a variety of measures to avoid and reduce environmental impacts.

Customer service

Whether online, over the phone, or in-person, GLS provides the preferred support method. Track delivery times, schedule a pickup, answer a query – empower your customer to expect the best.

GLS shipping services available in the everstox eco-system.

Select your ideal shipping methods from GLS:

gls shipping with everstox

Local and global shipping

GLS operates the largest independent European network. Built on regional market presence for a cross-border reach that remains local.

Standard parcel

Standard shipping with GLS available worldwide with major European markets deliverable within 24-48 hours. Simply plug-in to our eco-system.

Express parcel

The fastest possible deliveries with precise delivery times. Cater primarily to business customers? Guarantee arrival by 9am and start the day right.

GLS Euro
Business Parcel

Designed for B2B parcel shipping: Including additional features such as fixed delivery times, continuous tracking, and delivery insurance.

Freight shipping

Ship parcels and heavy goods with a purpose-made reliable and cost-effective solution.

GLS Paketshop

Over 7,000 collection points in Germany offering extended opening times and in-person customer service.

GLS economy select

Optimize cost and performance with preset transit times throughout Europe.

DPD: Your preferred choice for European shipping.

Why everstox customers choose DPD as one their preferred European carriers:

shipping with dpd

Fast deliveries

DPD is the #1 road transit supplier in Europe. With express delivery, you can be sure your product is taking the fastest route possible. Deliver from warehouse to doorstep better than the rest.

Reliable services

Shipping over 1.9 billion parcels worldwide each year, DPD is a trusted partner. With the specific time and day DPD guarantee, your parcel will arrive on time or your money back.

Competitive prices

Deliver for less with an exclusive everstox partnership. Specialist delivery options based on product, volume, and route: Unlock the best shipping rates available.

Convenient pickup

Your customer isn’t always home. With over 46,000 pickup points throughout Europe, that’s no problem. Minimize returns and maximize satisfaction –  the average customer collection point is just 10 minutes away.

Tracking and notifications

Is this a good time? Slot seamlessly into your customer’s life with the most accurate delivery times. Plus, include a modifiable one-hour window for every D2B and B2B shipment. It’s always a good time with DPD.

DPD shipping services available in the everstox eco-system.

The full range of shipping methods with DPD is below:

dpd shipping with everstox

Local & global shipping

Express and standard delivery available to 230 countries and territories with a commitment to speed and sustainability.

Standard shipping

Reliable delivery services that balance price and performance for your customer.

Express shipping

‘DPD Guarantee’ promises next working day delivery. Not fast enough? Deliver throughout Europe before 8:30, 10:00, or 12:00.

Pickup and delivery

Drive your brand’s accessibility with at-home collection services. Customers never need to leave their homes at your expense.

DPD tracking

Real-time data powers accurate tracking and delivery estimates. Plans changed? Customers can adjust their delivery from the same platform.

DPD Parcel Shop

Deliver convenience with a network of 83,000 European pickup points. Get closer to your customer with DPD.

Evri (formerly Hermes): Your preferred choice for UK shipping.

Why everstox customers choose Evri as one their preferred UK carriers:

Shipping with hermes

Cost-efficient shipping

Shipping solutions are cheaper with Evri. Both standard and express deliveries can be made even cheaper with the Evri Parcelshop network. Rise to the challenges of today with the most cost-effective delivery options.

Convenient pickup and delivery

Over 18,000 local couriers connect every UK address under one network. Not going to be home? Evri will deliver to workplaces or the nearest Parcelshop. Now that’s convenient.

Evri Parcelshop

Grow your UK market with the most convenient parcel service. 7,000+ businesses serving their local community with an accessible delivery option. Plus, 1,500+ lockers available 24/7 make collecting your product even easier, day or night.

Tracking and notifications

With Evri, customers can track domestic and international packages, set delivery preferences, and divert deliveries. Real-time data and push notifications put your product in the spotlight.

Evri shipping services available in the everstox eco-system.

The full range of shipping methods with Evri (Hermes) is below:

Hermes shipping services

UK Local & global shipping

Deliver UK-wide or anywhere in the world with Evri. Combining industry-low rates with exceptional convenience.

Standard delivery

The most competitive rates don’t stop an exceptional experience. Tracking, rerouting, parcel cover: Standard.

Express shipping

Next-day delivery anywhere in the UK: Guaranteed when shipped before noon.

Pickup and delivery

More than 18,000 couriers allow for customer parcel pickup anywhere, including workplaces.


Stamp your brand on the local community with over 7,000 Parcelshops. Stores, gas stations, independent businesses: Deliver where your customer is.

Hermes (Evri) tracking

Customers track parcels every step of the way with Evri. Divert to a neighbor, safe place, or nearest Parcelshop with a click.

FedEx: Your preferred choice for US shipping.

Why everstox customers choose FedEx as one of their preferred US carriers:

Shipping with fedex

Fast deliveries

The fastest domestic and international delivery times. FedEx next day and same day shipping: Door-to-door delivery across all 50 states, 24/7, 365 days a year. International next flight delivers your parcel to most countries within 24 hours. For when your customer can’t wait.

Reliable service

Trust in a reputation for delivering the most important packages at the fastest rates. Whatever your vertical – fragile, perishable, specialty – rely on shipping with FedEx.

U.S. & global reach

FedEx pallet and parcel shipping to every U.S. address and 220+ countries and territories. Connected by one of the largest fleets of aircraft, vehicles, and specialist contractors. With FedEx, no territory is out of reach.

Convenient services

Make the product journey simpler with door-to-door pickup and delivery services. Let your customer send and receive packages from the comfort of home. Empower them to live easier.

Tracking and notifications

Delivery with FedEx is tracked every step of the way. From international to domestic, customers can trace the product journey from warehouse to doorstep. The transparency that drives trust.

FedEx shipping services available in the everstox ecosystem.

The full range of shipping methods with FedEx is below:

Fedex shipping services

Domestic and international shipping

An international presence and one of the largest fleets: FedEx delivers local excellence with a global reach. (Note: FedEx is currently not supported in Germany within our eco-system.)

Standard shipping

Economical shipping with FedEx available to most countries and territories. Give customers the option to save when speed isn’t a priority. 

Express delivery

Same and next-day shipping with FedEx available from individual parcels to palletized freight. Guaranteed delivery by the fastest possible route.

Pickup and delivery

Scheduled pickup and delivery options for customers to receive and return packages at their convenience.


Deliveries with FedEx are tracked every step of the way. Customers also have the option to get notifications, give delivery instructions, amend times, and more.

Royal Mail: Your preferred choice for UK shipping.

Why everstox customers choose Royal Mail as one of their preferred UK carriers:

Shipping with royal mail


Drive down costs with exclusive business rates through Royal Mail and everstox. With straightforward pricing and reliable service – you can be sure everyone is getting the best deal

Convenient pickup and delivery

Not all customers are urban located. From the Scottish Highlands to the smaller Isles: Royal Mail is the UK’s only universal delivery service. Any region, any doorstep – guaranteed.

Drop-off services

With over 10,000 post offices and 115,000+ 24/7 postboxes, dropping off a parcel is never easier than with Royal Mail. Trusted, experienced, and convenient: The cornerstone of local communities.

Tracking and notifications

Simply log in to track domestic and international deliveries in real-time. Live updates on progress and delivery estimates: UK customers trust Royal Mail to deliver.

International shipping

Ship to over 230 countries and territories, complete with customs support. Shipping locally or as a cross-border solution: Royal Mail makes it simple to unlock UK, European, and worldwide markets.

Royal Mail shipping services available in the everstox ecosystem.

The full range of shipping methods with Royal Mail is below:

royal mail shipping

Domestic and international shipping

Tap into local UK expertise with the reach to deliver on a global scale. The best domestic and international shipping rates with everstox.

Standard delivery

Delivery to any UK doorstep is guaranteed. Price and performance come together to serve everyone.

Express shipping

Guaranteed domestic delivery by 1pm the next day. Plus, protect your goods with full tracking, insurance, and signature on delivery.

Pickup and delivery

Parcel collection direct from your customer’s home. Royal Mail will even print and provide the postage label.

Royal Mail tracking

Domestic and international tracking powered by real-time data. Total peace of mind for you and the customer.

A world of opportunities, for you.

Our extensive carrier network also works with many other local, urban and global carrier solutions.

carrier companies within everstox eco-system

Better logistics from
warehouse to doorstep.

Logistics perfected with a single integration. Select from the world’s leading 3PLs to create a custom-made operational network that works for your company. Ever better warehousing, fulfillment, and shipping all in one place – united under the latest technology. Ready to take the first step on the road to logistical excellence?

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