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Scaling from 1 to 100: Distribution logistics for food brands done right

In collaboration with Food Innovation Camp, we’re holding an exciting workshop for food brands to fully get started.

Food Innovation Camp

FIC Select 2021

The masterclass in brief:

The demand for innovative food products is rising continuously. At the same time, a fast distribution of food products is also needed – especially for eCommerce orders. Our workshop shows you the Dos and Don’ts for Food companies and startups when selling products to Retailers and end consumers. Using our platform and success stories, we will show you what is important when scaling from 100 orders to 10.000 orders per month.

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We show food brands what’s important when scaling distribution logistics. Note: The FIC Select 2021 event and workshop is held in German.

Virtual Webinar
Event Date
12:00pm – 1:00pm (CET), June 22th, 2021
German only
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The Host
Food Innovation Camp
Johannes Tress (Co-founder and MD at everstox)
Maximilian Nenning (Head of Marketing at everstox)

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