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everstox empowers fashion brand Tropicfeel with eCom logistics

Pan-European logistics within clicks – everstox provides Tropicfeel equal access to its integrated network.

Tropicfeel Spain and Germany logistics solutions everstox

Press Release

The Munich-based software and logistics experts digitize and optimize
the Spanish travel gear manufacturer’s pan-European product distribution.

Munich, May 19 2021 
– everstox, developer and operator of the Logistics-as-a-Service platform, is pleased to announce a new customer from the travel gear industry: the Spanish manufacturer is now handling the distribution of its sustainable travel gear products via the everstox cloud software and Europe-wide logistics network.

The Spanish travel gear brand Tropicfeel aims to raise awareness for sustainable travel with its ecologically high-quality produced travel gear items and accessories. Tropicfeel’s products are made from recycled materials and are particularly durable. After a successfully completed crowdfunding campaign earlier this year, Tropicfeel was faced with the challenge of processing very rapidly increasing, high order volumes. This revealed two logistical hurdles: First, the company lacked the necessary data transparency and automation of its operational processes – for example, in regards to incoming customer orders, warehouse and fulfillment data. Second, Tropicfeel had no way to sustainably and cost-effectively scale product distribution across Europe with its original logistics setup.

“We were looking for logistics partners across Europe who could offer us the best possible fulfillment services for our business needs as a travel gear company. It was especially important for us to work with a digital logistics solution that could easily support our increasing growth. Everstox was able to solve this logistical challenge easily and quickly through its digital cloud software and integrated logistics network. From a technical point of view, thanks to everstox, we can now flexibly integrate and control multiple warehouse locations and fulfillment centers with one easy-to-use software,” said Javi Turull, Chief Operations Officer at Tropicfeel.

With everstox, Tropicfeel has found the perfect partner to meet their growth and sustainability requirements. The travel gear manufacturer benefits above all from easy access to specialized logistics partners from the Europe-wide everstox network, who are a perfect fit for Tropicfeel’s needs in terms of product and industry focus, sales market and shipping. Another benefit is the automation of all distribution logistics processes along with the resulting data transparency. All order, warehouse and fulfillment information is available to the travel gear company in real time in a user-friendly dashboard on the everstox platform. Tracking and tracing of orders and service level agreements is just as possible as restocking inventory levels or setting up automatic alerts to prevent delivery bottlenecks at the push of a button.

For Tropicfeel’s day-to-day operations, this means that even drastically increasing and high order volumes can be processed quickly and easily, with all inventory data correctly allocated to incoming orders and full data transparency in real time in all warehouses across Europe in use. As a result, all orders can be processed and shipped on time to D2C and B2B customers. In addition, the flexible warehouse structure also ensures a shorter last mile delivery and thus an improved environmental footprint of all single and pallet parcel shipments.

“Shipping our fashion items internationally from a single, central fulfillment center via long transport routes did not fit our sustainability goals and also resulted in a suboptimal shopping experience for our customers due to long shipping times. Thanks to the flexible, local warehouse structure that everstox enabled us to set up in no time, we now benefit from shorter transport routes with a significantly improved carbon footprint – and our customers from faster delivery times,” says Javi Turull.

Learn more about Tropicfeel.

About everstox

everstox is a Munich-based Logistics as a Service (LaaS) company founded in 2019 by Boris Bösch, Felix Haberland and Johannes Tress. Our LaaS platform transforms the world of logistics into one integrated network united by one technology. We enable high-performing brands and enterprises to break through the complexities of first class logistics operation by creating equal access to smart warehousing, data-driven fulfillment and fast shipping in all target markets. With us, businesses can excite customers globally by shipping locally and save time and increase efficiencies along the way of their growth journey of becoming the market leader of tomorrow.

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Maximilian Nenning
Head of Marketing
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