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Fulfillment network expansion into CEE and Italy

everstox expands its fulfillment network further: Local warehousing, fulfillment and shipping services are now live in Italy, Poland and Czech Republic.

everstox fulfillment network expansion CEE & Italy

Press Release

After US expansion everstox expands its network to Eastern Europe and Italy.

Munich, 01. March 2023: everstox is Europe’s leading fulfillment and shipping network and, after expanding to U.S., is now scaling into additional countries in Eastern Europe and Italy. As the first integrated logistics solution in Europe, everstox now enables its customers to cover all central and strategically important target markets. Especially for commerce brands with product distribution in the DACH region, Eastern Europe plays an essential role as a cost-efficient alternative to become more competitive against Amazon and established providers in the short to long term. In Eastern Europe, everstox is now adding 1 warehouse in Poland and 1 warehouse in the Czech Republic to its network. In addition, everstox customers now also have access to 5 warehouses in Italy for local warehousing, fulfillment and shipping – another important milestone for many brands to more profitably serve the growing Italian eCommerce market. Just recently, the company announced its expansion into the U.S., where eight fulfillment centers are available to everstox customers. This means that everstox customers such as Razor, Yfood, Hey Harper and Tropicfeel can now ship orders to their key markets much faster and more cost-efficiently.

Johannes Tress, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, said, “Our expansion into additional countries empowers our customers to distribute their products with us not only throughout Europe, but now also in the United States. Local fulfillment centers save commerce brands and end users alike time, costs and emissions. A key goal at everstox is to entice customers globally while saving resources locally. Through us, this allows high-performing commerce brands to ship products in the most efficient way.”

The everstox Logistics-as-a-Service platform offers high-growth commerce businesses smart access to professional warehousing and data-driven fulfillment processes, as well as fast local and global shipping. A total of 69 warehouses are currently connected to the everstox network, 61 of which are in Europe, primarily in Germany and the United Kingdom.

Boris Bösch, Co-Founder and Co-CEO: “everstox combines the best of both worlds: scalable tech and operational excellence. This allows brands to enable an Amazon-like delivery experience for all customer groups such as consumers and retailers. The tech approach of our platform also allows logistics processes to be seamlessly optimized at the same time, increasing efficiencies.”

About everstox

everstox is a Munich-based Logistics as a Service (LaaS) company founded in 2019 by Boris Bösch, Felix Haberland and Johannes Tress. Our LaaS platform transforms the world of logistics into one integrated network united by one technology. We enable high-performing brands and enterprises to break through the complexities of first class logistics operation by creating equal access to smart warehousing, data-driven fulfillment and fast shipping in all target markets. With us, businesses can excite customers globally by shipping locally and save time and increase efficiencies along the way of their growth journey of becoming the market leader of tomorrow.

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Maximilian Nenning
Head of Marketing
[email protected]

everstox GmbH
Ganghoferstr. 68b
Munich, Germany

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