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Improving logistics for Healthcare and Sporting Goods

Angles90 and mybacs benefit from the everstox Logistics-as-a-Service platform with automated warehousing and fulfilment.

Angles90 sporting goods logistics everstox

Press Release

Angles90 and mybacs benefit from the everstox Logistics-as-a-Service platform with automated warehousing and fulfilment.

Munich, June 24th 2020 – everstox, a successful Munich start-up and Germany’s first provider of flexible API-based warehousing and fulfillment solutions, announces two customers for its Logistics-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform. Together with everstox, the two e-commerce businesses Angles90 and mybacs can now fully control and automate all logistics processes of their existing sales channels in real time. In addition, everstox enables both companies to flexibly scale their logistics and distribution network across Europe with one click.

mybacs, manufacturer and merchant of nutritional supplements, and Angles90, producer and merchant of Sporting Goods, have connected their sales channels directly to the everstox LaaS platform. By doing so, both companies benefit from real-time data exchange of all incoming customer orders from their shop systems and all existing inventory data from the respective warehouse management systems (WMS) of the assigned logistics provider from the everstox network. This direct connection between WMS and merchant order sources enables cost-effective and time-saving automation of all logistics processes.

Incoming order and warehouse information is also available to users in one dashboard to achieve full operational transparency. However, everstox is more than just a software solution, the start-up also offers a vast European network of qualified and independent logistics partners. With everstox, various warehouses can be seamlessly integrated into the logistics process of any merchant, and with one click, a flexible and scalable distribution network can be set up across Europe.

Angles90: Ideal order fulfillment and cost-effective shipping

The sporting goods manufacturer Angles90 sells its innovative products from Italy – through its own web shop and through several wholesalers and retailers. Due to steadily increasing customer orders, the successfully growing company was increasingly facing problems in its order fulfillment as well as inefficient processes in customer support. In addition, the existing logistics and fulfillment solutions could not be scaled sufficiently to keep up with the growth. This resulted in expensive delivery costs and long waiting times for Angles90 customers.

Today, the everstox LaaS platform enables Angles90 with seamless data exchange between incoming customer orders and outgoing fulfillment orders. This automation reduces both the time required for processing customer orders and for order fulfillment processes executed by the logistics partner from the everstox network. Furthermore, Angles90 benefits from experienced Sporting Goods logistics providers from the everstox network. Overall this leads to a significant optimization of its shipping throughout Europe with faster and cheaper deliveries.

Leander Leitner Dissinger, Head of Expansion at Angles90 about the everstox Logistics-as-a-Service solution: “When we first became aware of everstox, we only wanted to change our fulfillment partner in Germany due to logistical problems. The crucial point for the decision, however, is a USP that goes far beyond that. everstox offers us the possibility to map the entire European market over a single platform, both in the short- and mid-run, and to serve the core markets UK and Italy locally in addition to Germany. ”

More information about Angles90 can be found here.

mybacs: More operational transparency and flexible scalability with everstox

mybacs is a Swiss biotechnology and pharmaceutical company with branches in Zug, Switzerland and Munich, Germany. The company’s goal is to revolutionize the healthcare market for the human microbiome. Accordingly, mybacs has specialized in the development of innovative and high-dose synbiotic food supplements. In order to meet the rapidly increasing product demand and steadily growing customer base, mybacs was looking for a suitable warehousing and fulfillment solution.

With everstox, mybacs has now found the right logistics solution that can be used to flexibly implement the growing requirements with qualified, independent logistics partners. In addition, thanks to the automated logistics processes, mybacs was finally able to achieve the necessary operational transparency between logistics service providers and sales channels. This means that the company has a complete overview and control over inventory management and fulfillment processes, and can therefore optimally track and analyze its logistics service levels.

Alexander Grassmann, Chief Operating Officer of mybacs: “Especially with products like ours, which we also offer our customers as a convenient subscription model, it is particularly important that everything runs smoothly and quickly during shipping and delivery. To ensure and map this, we chose everstox as a partner. Thanks to everstox, we are able to combine several warehouses in Germany on one platform and thus shorten the delivery time.”

“By analyzing data, we can quickly identify possible problems with regards to the fulfillment status of service levels and optimize them in close cooperation with the independent logistics partners from the everstox network. The scalability of the platform also enables us to fully focus on our growth and customer needs – without inventory and fulfillment problems. ” explains Grassmann.

More information about mybacs can be found here.

About everstox

everstox is a Munich-based Logistics as a Service (LaaS) company founded in 2019 by Boris Bösch, Felix Haberland and Johannes Tress. Our LaaS platform transforms the world of logistics into one integrated network united by one technology. We enable high-performing brands and enterprises to break through the complexities of first class logistics operation by creating equal access to smart warehousing, data-driven fulfillment and fast shipping in all target markets. With us, businesses can excite customers globally by shipping locally and save time and increase efficiencies along the way of their growth journey of becoming the market leader of tomorrow.

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