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Acing omnichannel logistics and customers’ choice

Discover how Everstox transformed Brooklyn Soap’s logistics landscape with flexible bundle customization and enhanced stock management for optimized fulfillment.

Brooklyn Soap omnichannel logistics

Situation explained.

Brooklyn Soap embarked on a journey to redefine men’s grooming, but the challenges of managing diverse orders and intricate customizations posed operational obstacles. Without an integrated solution, Brooklyn Soap sought a strategic partner to address these issues. Everstox emerged as the catalyst to elevate their operations with a tailored approach to Skin- and Healthcare logistics.


The solution.

  • Dealing with various target markets and sales channels including online shops (Magento), marketplaces (Amazon) and B2B (DM, Rossmann, Müller) orders
  • Connecting Brooklyn Soap’s commercial systems with the ideal solution from the everstox ecosystem for omnichannel excellence
  • Offering discovery sets with customer choice of 5 or 10 samples introduced operational complexities to fulfillment
  • Seamless personalization when fulfilling bundles and discovery sets, allowing customers to choose the products they prefer
  • Lack of real-time data visibility into inventory levels and fulfillment status
  • Hourly stock updates and fulfillment performance tracking for better supply chain management decisions
Brooklyn Soap omnichannel logistics

| We are extremely grateful to everstox for revolutionizing our logistics landscape. Their solutions not only addressed our challenges but also opened new avenues for growth. The integration with the everstox Software Solution was seamless, and the team’s dedication made every step a pleasure. Everstox’s innovative features, like real-time stock updates and customer-driven bundling, have truly elevated our brand. |

Jonas Hillebrecht, CTO at Brooklyn Soap

everstox customer satisfaction

Satisfaction score: Brooklyn Soap’s satisfaction rating about our solution is based on the CSAT score from the everstox customer survey conducted in March 2023.

About Brooklyn Soap

Brooklyn Soap was funded in 2013 and was acquired by Merz Consumer Care GmbH in 2021 while maintaining its independent headquarters in Hamburg.

Company size
18 employees
Product portfolio
186 SKUs

everstox category
Customer since
October 2022

Brooklyn Soap’s success story in detail.

The challenge.

Brooklyn Soap embarked on a mission to redefine men’s grooming, but faced operational complexities due to diverse orders and intricate customizations. Serving varied markets and sales channels demanded a streamlined approach to omnichannel logistics. Furthermore, offering discovery sets with customer choice of 5 or 10 samples introduced complexities to fulfillment. Gaining real-time visibility into inventory and fulfillment status for informed supply chain decisions was crucial. Additionally, selecting suitable carriers for diverse needs and destinations proved manual and time-consuming.

The solution.

Everstox emerged as Brooklyn Soap’s strategic partner, transforming their logistics landscape. The solution entailed seamless integration of Brooklyn Soap’s commercial systems within the everstox ecosystem. This empowered efficient order processing and accurate inventory management across all sales channels. Everstox’s platform enabled seamless personalization in fulfillment, allowing customers to tailor bundles according to their preferences. Real-time data insights were provided through hourly stock updates and fulfillment tracking, equipping Brooklyn Soap with the tools to make informed supply chain decisions. The intelligent alignment of carriers from the everstox network streamlined the selection process, enhancing efficiency and improving customer experience.

The benefits.

Through the partnership with everstox, Brooklyn Soap achieved transformative benefits. Their logistics and fulfillment processes were optimized, resulting in streamlined operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. The integration of real-time data insights and customizable solutions enabled informed decision-making and improved stock management. Moreover, the intelligent carrier selection significantly improved efficiency and delivery speed, ultimately boosting the overall customer experience. The strategic collaboration with everstox opened new growth avenues for Brooklyn Soap, elevating their brand presence in the competitive market.

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