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Batch tracking and converting UK customers since 2020.

yfood, an innovative food tech enterprise based in Munich, has expanded its product distribution to the UK. Discover how everstox reduces shipping costs, delivery times and provides yfood with software-empowered processes.

yfood fulfillment by everstox

Situation explained.

yfood, known for its complete meal solutions, sought to make its products more accessible to consumers in the United Kingdom. The partnership with everstox allowed yfood to establish customized food logistics with local fulfillment and efficient shipping, addressing previous challenges related to long delivery times from their German warehouse. This move aimed to enhance the customer experience and accelerate yfood’s European expansion plans.


The solution.

  • Cross-border parcel shipping from Germany to the UK did not meet yfood’s customer experience standards resulting in an avg. of 4-8 days delivery time and €16-18 shipping costs
  • yfood benefits from smart access to local UK fulfillment centers connected to the everstox platform reducing delivery times to an avg. of 1-2 days and €3-4 shipping costs
  • Market standard for integrating commercial systems with 3PLs to benefit from automated fulfillment processes is a time-consuming endeavour and often requires process repetition for each 3PL in scope
  • yfood’s shop (Shopify) and ERP system (Oracle) only had to be connected once with the everstox platform to benefit from seamless real-time data exchange between any chosen logistics solution
  • Batch tracking and digital control over order fulfillment activities are crucial capabilities for any food brand to ensure supply chain control in any step of the order delivery experience
  • Connected to everstox means full operational oversight of logistics processes, including orders, stocks, and batch tracking providing peace of mind to Operations Managers
food fulfillment and shipping in the uk for yfood

| everstox enables us to accelerate our European expansion with smart warehousing and local B2B & D2C fulfillment. By doing so, we excite our customers with faster shipping and the best possible service. |

Robert Lingauer,  Teamlead Fulfillment Management at yfood Labs GmbH

customer satisfaction everstox solution

Satisfaction score: yfood’s satisfaction rating about our solution is based on the CSAT score from the everstox customer survey conducted in August 2023.

About yfood Labs GmbH

yfood is the market leader in the smart food category in Europe. Since the launch of yfood Labs GmbH in Munich in 2017, Benjamin Kremer and Noel Bollmann have been revolutionizing the food industry with their products. Smart Food is developed as an alternative for situations where people cannot find the time to eat healthily or where fresh and high-quality food is simply not available. All yfood products are balanced, fully mobile (drinking) meals and thus combine fast-paced nutrition with a conscious diet. Since its founding, the company has sold 125 million meals and recorded a turnover of over 120 million euros in 2022. yfood’s products, including drinks, bars, and powders, are designed as complete meal solutions for healthy nutrition.

Company size
200+ employees
Non-fresh food
Product portfolio
130 SKUs

>30 countries incl. UK
everstox category
Customer since
October 2020

yfood’s success story in detail.

The challenge.

yfood had previously sold its products in the DACH area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) in 2020. With its growing success and product distribution across Europe, one of their core markets, the UK, has posed an operational challenge. Both the customer experience and operational costs to deliver UK customer orders from a central warehouse in Germany have not been generating satisfactory results. With an avg. of 4-8 days delivery time and €16-18 shipping costs for UK parcels, a more efficient solution had to be implemented to cement a strong market leading position not only in the DACH area, but also in the UK..

The solution.

Since 2020, yfood delivers UK orders now with a fully tech-driven fulfillment approach: Connected once to the everstox platform empowers Operations Managers to automate order fulfillment processes from its commercial systems (Shopify and Oracle Netsuite) to all corresponding fulfillment centers. What’s more, using the everstox platform ensures the tracking of all key data of SKUs and product batches stored, fulfilled and shipped within the everstox network’s fulfillment centers. Choosing a local fulfillment and shipping setup also reduced yfood’s operational costs (avg. of €3-4 per parcel shipment) and delivery times (avg. of 1-2 days) resulting in more customer conversions than ever before.

The benefits.

Smart access to an interconnected network of pre-qualified logistics providers united by one software is what everstox stands for. It didn’t take long for yfood to choose everstox due to its flexibility, cost advantages and software-empowered processes. Ever since the collaboration between yfood and everstox, Operations Managers enjoy a high degree of peace of mind during fulfillment and shipping processes – no matter the amount of order volumes. Within all steps of the supply chain flow, Operations Managers always know what SKUs and batches are being fulfilled and can rely on automation, enabling them to focus on what matters most.

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Our success stories.

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