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Flexible scalability with a single integration.

Explore how everstox equipped Jungheinrich PROFISHOP with powerful D2C fulfillment to master parcel shipments of today and tomorrow with one single integration to the everstox ecosystem.

Jungheinrich profishop logistics solution

Situation explained.

Jungheinrich PROFISHOP searched for a strategic partner to find a scalable and flexible solution to handle parcel shipments for their new product portfolio on their online shop. The new logistics solution was required to be both flexible in its storage space and the order fulfillment volume – being able to scale operations with ease at any given time. The connection between Jungheinrich PROFISHOP’s commercial system and their new partners required also to have operational insights regarding stock flows and fulfillment performance. That’s where everstox’s Logistics-as-a-Service came into play.


The solution.

  • Time-intensive solution search to find a logistics solution to fulfill and ship D2C orders and to easily add their new sales channel
  • A seamless integration to the everstox platform enables easy connectivity of sales channels and access to top-tier providers for omnichannel excellence
  • Operating with the flexibility to launch new products, adjust storage space and increase order volumes at any given time
  • Once connected with everstox, Jungheinrich PROFISHOP can conveniently adjust operations without the limits on infrastructure and with no process repetition
  • Difficulty overseeing stock levels and tracking fulfillment and shipping performances
  • One central tool to conveniently monitor inventory flows, receive stock alerts and fulfillment times and track and trace parcel shipments
jungheinrich electronics logistics

| Thanks everstox for the pragmatic and state-of-the-art logistics solution provided. We are positively surprised by the work of everstox and how all the steps before going live were running smoothly. Since the integration, the contact with the company was easy, efficient and professional. My team enjoys working with you. The permanent expansion of features and target markets is a great added value for us. We look forward to continuing our successful cooperation. |

Dirk Dransfeld, Head of Supply Chain Management at Jungheinrich PROFISHOP

jungheinrich customer satisfaction everstox

Satisfaction score: Jungheinrich PROFISHOP’s satisfaction rating about our solution is based on the CSAT score from the everstox customer survey conducted in March 2023.

About Jungheinrich PROFISHOP.

Jungheinrich PROFISHOP has been a leading provider of factory, warehouse, and workshop equipment since 2006. With a commitment to high-quality products and expert knowledge, the enterprise aims to cater to customers across various industries.

Company size
300 employees
Warehouse and business equipments
Product portfolio
>100.000 SKUs

15 countries within Europe
everstox category
Customer since
October 2022

Jungheinrich PROFISHOP’s success story in detail.

The challenge.

The absence of a versatile logistics solution left Jungheinrich PROFISHOP in the dark when it comes to handling their D2C orders efficiently. On the other hand, their existing logistics operations lacked adaptability, hindering their ability to accommodate new assortments dynamically in terms of storage space and transaction volume. Furthermore, as Jungheinrich PROFISHOP’s business experienced constant growth, they faced complexities in scaling their logistics operations to meet their customers’ needs of tomorrow.

The solution.

Everstox’s LaaS solution emerged as the ultimate solution for Jungheinrich PROFISHOP. Seamlessly integrating with their sales channel and easy connectivity for future expansion plans, everstox introduced a flexible logistics setup with smart access to top-tier providers for Jungheinrich PROFISHOP’s operational and technical needs. With a single integration to the everstox platform, Jungheinrich PROFISHOP can now operate dynamically – adjusting storage space, order volumes and other requirements (e.g. value added services) at any given time without the burden of a time-intensive solution search, tendering, onboarding and integration phase. 

Moreover, everstox provided a centralized tool that empowered Jungheinrich PROFISHOP with unprecedented operational control – gaining insights and analytics to all forward and reverse logistics activities. 

The benefits.

With a single integration to the everstox platform, Jungheinrich PROFISHOP has turned their future logistics operations into a success driver for their product distribution: Limitless scalability across a pre-qualified network of specialized operators, quick time-to-market without process repetition and peace of mind during operations with full digital control over all forward and reverse logistics activities.

With powerful logistics operations on their side, Jungheinrich PROFISHOP is equipped with a competitive advantage to satisfy customers around the globe.

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