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Expansion across Europe without process repetition.

Learn how GREENFORCE scales pan-European fulfillment operations with quick time-to-market to launch their products locally in 3+ target markets.

Greenforce fulfillment expansion

Situation explained.

With the rising popularity of meat alternatives, GREENFORCE set as objective to bring their products closer to target markets and, by doing so, boosting sales conversion with faster and more cost-efficient deliveries. But finding, integrating and managing multiple fulfillment locations is a time-consuming and complex task. Needless to say, GREENFORCE needed a logistics solution that enables their Operations Teams to maintain flexibility and scalability for continued growth success. That’s where everstox came in to design a tailored approach to scalable food logistics operations.


The solution.

  • Finding, evaluating and launching qualified fulfillment locations in 3+ countries requires a month-long solution search
  • Quick time-to-market with no process repetition across 4 fulfillment centers and 6+ carrier solutions in DE, UK and NL
  • Lack of ensuring a consistent delivery experience to deliver fast and cost-efficiently to its customers for all order destinations
  • Same- and next-day delivery with local shipping rates in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands
  • Difficulty to maintain high levels of process efficiency and synchronizing multiple warehouse operations for order sources, stock levels and shipping
  • Convenient process management with one unified tool for all logistics operations with automated order routing to optimize inventory efficiency and reduce shipping costs
Greenforce warehouse storage and fulfillment expansion

| Without everstox, we would have spend months to achieve what we have accomplished today. During our expansion and day-to-day operations, we would have struggled with high overhead and manual coordination to achieve this standard of process excellence. The platform empowers us to conveniently coordinate multi-warehouse management for all fulfillment locations saving us time on a daily basis. |

Haiyan Schmitt, Head of Operations

Greenforce logo
everstox customer satisfaction

Satisfaction score: Greenforce’s satisfaction about our solution is based on the CSAT score from the everstox customer survey conducted in March 2023.

About Greenforce

The Munich-based food brand GREENFORCE is one of the leading providers of premium meat alternative products in Europe.

Company size
80+ employees
Product portfolio
450 SKUs

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Customer since
October 2020

Greenforce’s success story in detail.

As the popularity of meat alternatives skyrocketed in recent years, GREENFORCE faced challenges to distribute its products across Europe in a more process- and cost-efficient way. The natural chain of actions to keep its strong sales growth: expanding fulfillment locally across Europe for a more optimized distribution of their products. GREENFORCE was searching for a solution that enables them to maintain flexibility and scalability on a global scale when fulfilling and delivering customer orders.

The challenge.

Scaling sales and commerce is executed quickly, providing the matching logistics infrastructure required to deliver a compelling delivery experience, seems not. Especially with today’s commerce standards, low shipping costs and same- and next-day shipping is what customers expect. As a matter of fact, finding, evaluating, and integrating qualified fulfillment locations with all commerce systems for one target market is a labor-intensive task. And this months-long and complex process repeats for each market. For GREENFORCE, a better solution was required that avoids the burden of repetitive chores. This is where everstox came in.

The solution.

Everstox enables GREENFORCE with smart access to first-class logistics operations with one single integration of all of their sales systems and commerce systems. Instead of spending months-long solution search, GREENFORCE is able to flexibly expand across the everstox eco-system without process repetition. Since working with everstox, GREENFORCE has launched operations across 4 fulfillment centers and 6+ carriers in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. What’s more, to have full digital oversight in all fulfillment centers over key product information such as batch numbers and expiry dates, saves their Operations teams time on a daily basis.

The benefits.

By a single integration into the everstox eco-system, GREENFORCE is able to quickly scale up professional logistics operations in all required target markets while keeping full operational oversight and process harmonization. This quick time-to-market empowers GREENFORCE to rapidly expand its operations across Europe, capturing market opportunities and gaining a competitive edge. The seamless integration of fulfillment centers and carriers ensured a consistent delivery experience for customers in Germany, the UK, and the Netherlands, resulting in a high customer satisfaction and loyalty (Trustpilot score 4.6/5).

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