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Faster process coordination with smooth UK shipping.

Discover how Lovehoney Group reduces their manual logistics coordination on a daily basis while improving delivery speed to UK customers 3 times faster.

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Situation explained.

Brexit led to the natural consequence for Lovehoney Group to optimize its logistics operations for the UK market. In fact, after Brexit UK order deliveries took up to 10-20 days impacting the customer experience drastically. Lovehoney Group needed a better solution in the UK to keep its success momentum. Here’s how everstox faciliated UK fulfillment operations with a tailored approach to Consumer Electronics logistics.


The solution.

  • Long delivery times of 10-20 days and costs of €16-18 for single parcel shipments from DE to the UK
  • Same- & next-day shipping for €3-4 with a fully integrated UK fulfillment center
  • High customs clearance efforts for importing goods/single orders to the UK especially for order baskets above 135 GBP
  • Low customer clearance efforts enabled by the everstox eco-system logistics partners using bulk shipments instead of single parcel shipments
  • Establish local UK distribution logistics operations to store, fulfill and deliver orders closer to target audience
  • Onboarding of pre-qualified logistics operations with a local operator from the everstox eco-system within 2 weeks
  • Integration of commercial systems to local logistics operations end-to-end for more data transparency
  • Seamless data exchange and convenient logistics coordination for inventory flows, orders and return processes
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| With Brexit and the resulting changes, we needed a partner that would help us overcome the challenges of delivering our products to UK customers. With Everstox as a partner we were able to quickly set up a warehouse location with a suitable logistics partner, so that we could continue to offer great service and operational excellence. |

Yana Yordanova, Manager Warehousing at Lovehoney Group

lovehoney group uk shipping
everstox customer satisfaction

Satisfaction score: Lovehoney’s satisfaction about our solution is based on the CSAT score from the everstox customer survey conducted in March 2023.

About Lovehoney Group

Lovehoney Group (LHG) is a global leader in the sexual wellness industry, focused on research and development to bring new innovative products to market. Led by CEO Johannes von Plettenberg, the Group combines renowned brands and innovative solutions that enable people to explore and enhance their sexual journey. LHG consists of WOW Tech, known for its breakthrough innovations such as Womanizer and We-Vibe products, Lovehoney, a trusted name in adult pleasure products, and Amorana, a Swiss brand offering a wide range of intimate products. With a team of more than 950 professionals around the world, Lovehoney Group is dedicated to providing premium brands and memorable experiences. Lovehoney Group stands for inclusivity and diversity and is passionate about supporting and promoting sexual wellness in a safe, respectful and empowering way.

Lovehoney Group’s success story in detail.

The challenge.

Before working with everstox, Lovehoney Group experienced long delivery times and high cross-border costs for shipping B2C and B2B orders from Germany to the UK. The post-Brexit landscape also led to increased customs clearance efforts and cross-border complexities, especially for importing parcels to the UK with an item value above 135 GBP. All of which hindered Lovehoney Group’s ability to optimize their operations in the UK market.

The solution.

Everstox provides Lovehoney Group with a local fulfillment and shipping setup that tackles all of their logistics bottlenecks associated with the import of products in the UK. Instead of shipping single parcels from Germany with long lead times and high cross-border shipping costs, Lovehoney Group now has a local fulfillment hub to which more cost-efficient bulk shipments can be sent in order to store products closer to UK customers.

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Our success stories.

From optimizing operational logistics costs to saving time for process management on a daily basis, read our latest customer success stories to learn more.