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Next-day shipping across Europe made easy.

Learn how cosmetics brand Yepoda creates a powerful delivery experience in 5+ countries to enhance sales conversion while maintaining full operational efficiency.

yepoda cosmetics logistics solution

Situation explained.

Converting customers in today’s market faces delivering on expectations: Next-day deliveries is one of them. To meet Yepoda’s ever growing demand and to avoid costly cross-border shipping rates – a Go-Local strategy was required. Expanding operations and keeping overhead low seemed nearly impossible for the successful cosmetics brand – until working with everstox. Here’s how a fully customized approach to Healthcare logistics makes Yepoda’s operations more efficient on a daily basis.


The solution.

  • Sales growth is hindered by long cross-border shipping times
  • Boosting global sales with faster deliveries by storing products closer to 5+ target markets
  • Time-intensive IT integration to local fulfillment and shipping solutions
  • Connected 6+ Shopify shops to all fulfillment centers and carriers in <20 days
  • Difficulty overseeing all warehouse and fulfillment activities
  • One central tool to conveniently track performances and manage all logistics operations
  • Lack of keeping inventory efficiency high in all local fulfillment centers
  • Fast and automated order routing to avoid manual coordination and increase inventory efficiency
yepoda ecommerce logistics

| With all logistics operations managed from one central tool, we have been able to maintain full operational efficiency while increasing our local footprint and customer experience by significantly reducing our shipping lead time and fulfillment error rates. |

Lodewijk Sutorius, COO at Yepoda

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everstox customer satisfaction

Satisfaction score: Yepoda’s satisfaction rating about our solution is based on the CSAT score from the everstox customer survey conducted in March 2023.

About Yepoda

Yepoda is a Berlin-based cosmetics brand that makes K-beauty products more accessible to European customers.

Company size
40+ employees
Product portfolio
46 SKUs

DE, IT, ES, FR, CH, AT, NL, BE, Rest of EU
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Customer since
August 2022

Yepoda’s success story in detail.

As Yepoda expanded its operations across Europe, managing multiple local fulfillment centers and carriers presented logistical challenges for their team.

The challenge.

Before partnering with everstox, Yepoda spent months for a better solution search, integrating multiple commerce systems and monitoring 3PL and carrier performances. Working with multiple fulfillment centers that are not streamlined within one eco-system, made keeping inventory turnaround high across all locations nearly impossible. In addition, their sales targets were hindered by high cross-border shipping costs and slow shipping lead times.

The solution.

Everstox provides Yepoda with a multi-warehousing management solution to nullify their logistics challenges. The everstox solution allows Yepoda to connect all commerce systems to one unified eco-system harmonising operations of all independently chosen fulfillment centers and carriers, and monitoring performances with pro-active alerts with one central tool. What’s more, smart order routing rules across all chosen locations increases their inventory turnaround and by doing so, positively affecting cash flows and reducing OpEx. To further boost sales and purchase frequencies, everstox also provides a personalized fulfillment experience including marketing inserts and branded packaging with flexible shipping and delivery processes. In a nutshell: Yepoda is able to increase global revenues with a compelling local logistics experience – all made possible without increasing overhead and no process repetition per new added warehouse or shipping solution.

The benefits.

Yepoda avoids the black box situation that so often occurs when working with multiple siloed environments and being connected to fulfillment locations without a harmonized eco-system. Ultimately, Yepoda increases its operational efficiency with more automated workflows to coordinate their  3PLs, carriers and inventory. Needless to say, it’s not just the technology that Yepoda’s team appreciates: With tailored fulfillment and local shipping processes, Yepoda’s customers experience next-day deliveries boosting overall excellent customer satisfaction (e.g. Trustpilot DE 4.4 & Trustpilot IT 4.7). Convenient and efficient multi-warehousing management plays a crucial role in Yepoda’s sales growth – enabling quicker time-to-market with local fulfillment to deliver faster in Germany, Italy, and many more regions within the EU.

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