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Convenient parcel monitoring via Track and Trace.

Explore how Vivere, the global incubation platform for next-generation consumer products and brands, leveraged everstox’s Track & Trace feature to ensure a consistent delivery experience on a global scale.

vivere consumer products logistics solution

Situation explained.

Vivere launched over 50 brands and 500+ SKUs across diverse categories such as pet care, cosmetics and plant care products. In the process of Vivere’s global go-to-market approach, efficient parcel monitoring and last-mile tracking were crucial. Everstox’s Track & Trace feature came into play as the ultimate solution, propelling Vivere to new heights and facilitating a customized approach to Cosmetics fulfillment and FMCG logistics operations.


The solution.

  • Coordinating multiple order sources and different types of fulfillment and shipping procedures based on the order type
  • A single integration to our platform enables smart access to ideal logistics operations and the ability to define smart order processing rules based on location, order type and shipping method
  • Dealing with shipping complexities due to order destinations, including customs and process hierarchies when delivering parcels from Europe to US and UK customers
  • Cross-border expansion to local fulfillment centres in the UK and US to reduce delivery times by 400% and shipping costs by 300%
  • Lack of reliable and accurate last-mile tracking to proactively initiate customer service triggers and ensure high satisfaction
  • Implementing our Track & Trace feature for parcel monitoring and real-time shipping tracking
  • Complexity and overhead in the process of tracking batch numbers manually for inventory and orders
  • Convenient product management and batch tracking for SKUs in the everstox dashboard by easily adding and editing EANs to articles
vivere consumer products logistics solution

| everstox’s Track & Trace feature has been a game-changer for us. With efficient parcel monitoring, we’ve achieved seamless last-mile tracking which reduces the internal effort for our Operations and Customer Service team tremendously. The local fulfillment centres being part of the Everstox ecosystem have given us the possibility when going local to always work with professional fulfillment operations without the burden of complex tech integrations and time-consuming onboarding. |

Nishith Sai Paga, Head of SCM – Logistics

everstox customer satisfaction

Satisfaction score: Vivere’s satisfaction rating about our solution is based on the CSAT score from the everstox customer survey conducted in March 2023.

About Vivere

Hamburg-based company Vivere GmbH is at the forefront of reshaping the landscape of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Through its innovative approach, Vivere has established a strong presence in 16 global markets, introducing groundbreaking solutions that are causing disruptions within the FMCG industry.Vivere’s mission is to revolutionize the industry and support large retailers, successful brands, and renowned creators as an end-to-end incubator.

Company size
112 employees
Cosmetics, Vitamins & Supplements, Pet Care, Plant Care, and many more
Product portfolio
528 SKUs

DE, UK, US, Europe
everstox category
Customer since
October 2021

Vivere’s success story in detail.

With operations across multiple fulfillment centers and a diverse range of products, Vivere faced the challenge of coordinating various order sources and complex shipping procedures. Additionally, reliable and accurate last-mile tracking was essential to proactively initiate customer service triggers and ensure high satisfaction.

The challenge.

One of the primary hurdles for Vivere was coordinating various order sources and diverse fulfillment and shipping procedures, which proved to bring complexities during daily operations. Handling international shipments, particularly those destined for  the UK and US, has evolved into a significant challenge due to the intricacies of customs regulations and the time-consuming processes to clear the paperwork and administration of exporting goods. Additionally, the lack of reliable and convenient last-mile tracking made it difficult for Vivere to monitor deliveries. Furthermore, attaching EANs to multiple SKUs from different product batches required labour-intensive stakeholder and product management.

The solution.

Everstox’s LaaS solution seamlessly integrated with Vivere’s commercial systems and online shops, providing smart access to efficient fulfillment and shipping operations in Germany, the UK and the US. With intelligent rules based on location, order type, and shipping method, Vivere’s logistics processes became automated, saving valuable time and effort.

The solution for Vivere to expand in key locations in the UK and the US via a local fulfillment setup was transformative. It shortened delivery times by 400% and reduced shipping costs by 300%, giving Vivere the competitive edge they needed for global success. Moreover, Everstox provided Vivere with the capability to input two distinct EANs per SKU to specify the units contained in a master carton. Being able to conveniently track back this information in the everstox dashboard makes it easier for Vivere’s Operations Team to complete shipments quicker, and to effortlessly track and manage products across different locations and sales channels.

With everstox’s Track & Trace feature, Vivere saves time and effort on a daily basis to track last-mile shipments. They gained real-time visibility into shipments with one convenient interface – no matter which carrier or shipping method is selected for the order delivery process. Overall, this empowers Vivere’s Operations Team to look up and trace shipments faster, to proactively manage deliveries and ultimately to keep customers informed every step of the way.

The benefits.

By streamlining their fulfillment activities and leveraging local fulfillment centers, Vivere achieved faster deliveries and lower shipping costs, which directly impacted their bottom line. With reduced internal workload, Vivere’s Operations and Customer Service teams were able to concentrate on providing outstanding customer experiences, resulting in higher satisfaction levels and strengthened brand loyalty

Everstox’s seamless Track & Trace integration also transformed Vivere’s last-mile tracking abilities, enabling them to closely monitor shipments. This newfound visibility empowered Vivere to proactively inform customers about any delays caused by carriers. This approach ensures that Vivere’s customers receive timely communication and appropriate resolution, providing them with peace of mind and a positive experience.

Additionally, the convenient inclusion of local distribution centers within the Everstox platform allowed Vivere to swiftly expand their market presence without the need for time-consuming searches for solutions, prolonged market entry periods, or repetitive processes. Everstox’s easily adaptable approach enabled Vivere to remain dedicated to their core objective of fostering the growth of innovative consumer goods and brands.

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