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Discover how Tropicfeel shortens last-mile deliveries, innovates with convenient product management and delivers with smart order routing rules to keep operations sustainable.

Tropicfeel eCommerce fulfillment

Situation explained.

Shipping thousands of cross-border parcels per month does not fit to the popular fashion brand Tropicfeel’s go-to-market strategy. Delivering customer orders internationally from a single, central fulfillment center via long transport routes also results in a suboptimal shopping experience. But expanding to new markets while ensuring operational excellence and product innovation in constant synchronization with distribution logistics is a hard nut to crack. As Tropicfeel’s popularity surged, the company needed a better logistics strategy to speed up coordination processes, reduce transport costs and improve delivery speeds in the US, the UK and Europe.. That’s where everstox came in.


The solution.

  • Long last-mile deliveries to satisfy international demand in 3+ regions
  • Local fulfillment and shipping to reduce transit times and cross-border shipping costs in Germany, the UK and Spain
  • High overhead to ensure all logistics operations are coordinated based on proximity of order destination, available stock and best shipping option
  • Smart warehouse assignment strategy based on ideal delivery experience regarding order destination distance, product availability and shipping costs
  • Adding, managing and integrating 1756 SKUs to launch marketing-based campaigns requires constant synchronization with 3PLs
  • Convenient SKU and product management to launch seasonal campaigns and new products to keep a compelling offering for its customers
Tropicfeel eCommerce fulfillment

| We see everstox as being the best logistics solution on the market to keep our operations agile and scalable. We can easily launch new product offerings regionally and always know that all integrated fulfillment operations are in synchronization. |

Borja Tort-Martorell, Operations Director at Tropicfeel

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everstox customer satisfaction

Satisfaction score: Tropicfeel’s satisfaction about our solution is based on the CSAT score from the everstox customer survey conducted in March 2023.

About Tropicfeel

Tropicfeel, the Spanish travel gear manufacturer offers high-quality travel gear items and accessories made from recycle materials for sustainable traveling.

Company size
40+ employees
Product portfolio
1756 SKUs

All Europe, UK, US, AU, CA, IL, HK, JP, SG, AE
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Customer since
March 2021

Tropicfeel’s success story in detail.

Committed to fulfilling sustainability on all fronts, Tropicfeel faced challenges in delivering its products in an eco-friendly way while overseeing a large product catalog. Their dedication to reducing its carbon footprint and optimizing its logistics processes led to the search for a solution that could improve last-mile deliveries and ensure offering innovative product deals.

The challenge.

Tropicfeel faced significant logistics challenges stemming from their commitment to sustainability and managing a diverse product range. The need for shorter last-mile deliveries became crucial to enhance customer satisfaction and minimize environmental impact caused by long transport routes for single parcel shipments. Coordinating product innovation in constant synchronization with distribution logistics presented another hurdle, as Tropicfeel needed to seamlessly introduce new products while optimizing order fulfillment across multiple warehouses. Apart from reoccurring marketing-driven and crowdfunding campaigns, Tropicfeel also offers pre-orders empowering customers with the possibility to buy a product before it is even produced. This ensures an even more sustainable way of selling, producing only what is being bought. Especially when expanding to new markets, smooth logistics workflows are key to facilitating Tropicfeel’s operational complexities. Managing over 1,500 SKUs added to the logistical puzzle, requiring efficient and scalable processes for product management and smart order routing.

The solution.

Everstox empowers Tropicfeel with a localized fulfillment strategy establishing customized warehouse operations in key regions such as Germany, the UK, the US and rest of Europe. By adopting this approach, it drastically reduced transit times and cross-boarding shipping costs. To always deliver in the best way, everstox’s warehouse assignment strategy optimizes order fulfillment based on proximity to the customer, product availability, and shipping costs, ensuring an ideal delivery experience for their customers. A convenient SKU and product management system is also available for Tropicfeel, allowing them to effortlessly launch new product deals further enhancing their product innovation capabilities.

The benefits.

By partnering with everstox, Tropicfeel benefits from an optimized order fulfillment setup and shorter last-mile deliveries to deliver products more cost-efficiently while minimizing the environmental impact, aligning with their commitment to sustainability (e.g. 211,923 kg CO2 was saved in 2021 with Tropicfeel’s products). With everstox’s warehouse assignment and product management capabilities, Tropicfeel achieves streamlined logistics processes, enabling them to scale their business in new regions and launch new products without having complex logistics workflows get in the way. This enhanced operational efficiency led to improved customer satisfaction, increased sales, and ultimately has led them to their company growth of today.

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